White balance

As I said earlier, I figured out how to adjust the white balance on my camera and it makes such a difference.

I still have Christmas decorations up so don’t judge my laziness…

Prior to adjusting the white balance:

After adjusting the white balance:

Both photos were taken just minutes apart and I changed no lighting in our house between them. All I did was go into the white balance setting on the camera and adjust it. I used to get so frustrated taking photos in our house at night or in low/yellowish lighting situations because my photos always turned out yucky looking and not true to their colors. Now I know what to do to change this!



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2 responses to “White balance

  1. white balance is so amazingly awesome. I need to get into the custom settings on mine though because the lights in our house cast a very very yellow glow even on the lowest settings

  2. lwuertz

    My camera has some preset white balances for different lighting situations (cloudy day, home lighting, flourescent, etc.), but it also has two customizable ones where you just take a picture of something white and it adjusts. I was so intimidated at looking thru the camera user manual, but it was actually a lot easier to use and less technical than I thought it would be.

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