And so to bed…

So I’m here sitting on the couch reading while Bean lays on a quilt in our livingroom babbling away and playing with her toys. It took me a moment to then realize that she was being very quiet all of a sudden. So I looked up and saw this:

And then my camera forgot how to focus so I decided to just let her sleep in peace.



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6 responses to “And so to bed…

  1. Emily

    She is such a beautiful girl!

  2. Such a sweetheart. And I love her knitted doll.

  3. lwuertz

    Thanks! It’s from Zoe Mellor’s knitted toys book. It was super easy and uses very minimal yarn. I love that toy book because it is so great for using up scraps!

  4. Um, absolutely precious. Her skin tone is porcelin doll like.

  5. lwuertz

    Haha! That’s definitely from Stephen, not me.

  6. wow, these are unbelieveably precious. She’s beautiful.
    Some of my favorite pictures of my girls are from when they are asleep. I wonder what it is about a sleeping baby…

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