Cold Buster

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last week or so. Yesterday was pretty much the worst of it (I think and hope!). In the past when I feel like this I just reach for my trusty box of whatever cold remedy we have on hand.

This year I can’t do that because I’m breastfeeding and the stuff can get into my milk or dry up my milk.

So I’ve been living off Ricola, OJ, probiotics and the leftover prenatal vitamins I never took because I couldn’t stomach them.

Anyway, my friend JJ posted her “Cold Buster” remedy awhile back and I do something similar. Since it seems everyone has this mucus/throat/bronchial thing that I do, I thought I’d share.

-8oz hot water
-1 Chamomile tea bag (my favorite is Tea Forte’s Chamomile Tisane)
-1  or 2 Ricola Honey Echinacea or Lemon Mint drops
-Juice of 1/4 lemon
-Honey to taste

Place drops, honey tea bag and lemon juice in the bottom of a mug. Pour hot water in. Cover and steep 10 minutes. Stir and enjoy.



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3 responses to “Cold Buster

  1. Morgan

    I just found some AMAZING herbal stuff that I love, and you should still be able to use it even though you’re breastfeeding. It’s called ColdCalm (Boiron’s the manufacturer) and it’s the only thing I’ve found that has kept my cold a cold and not had it turn into a sinus infection. It’s at Lassens. Check it out! And feel better. 🙂

  2. lwuertz

    Thank you! I will try to find it later this week when I go get our groceries and stuff!

  3. Have you tried taking a teaspoon of honey by itself to soothe your throat and cough? That can sometimes help too. Hope you’re feeling better!

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