Eye Candy Friday: Let’s Talk Photography…

OK, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on here before, but my aunt is a real photographer. Back when she still lived in southern California, we used to go down there a lot to visit, especially when I was in high school. They had a huge property and she had a really nice studio in her backyard. She would take pictures of me and my sisters and we’d run around like little wild things exploring their backyard. I even served as her little assistant when she shot a high school prom (I got the oh so fabulous task of holding the gold reflector, among other things). Whenever I would get bored (which is pretty easy for a high school kid in the middle of no where with no transportation), I would read her photography magazines.

One time I read this article about finding, creating and using a “wall of light” in your shots (Sorry, I can’t find a how-to article on the Internet that really explains this and I know I would do a botch job of it). For some reason that article has stuck with me and I try to do it when I take pictures of stuff. Anyway, that was what I had in mind when taking a few of my favorite photos from the past week or so:

This week my reading in Shooting Digital covered a lot of things. One thing was knowing your camera’s weaknesses (apparently every camera has them, not just mine). It really helped me to to appreciate my camera a little better. If I really get to know it and know how to work around or with my limitations, I will be a better photographer. The other thing I read about was doing portraits. One thing about this book is that it seems to be geared toward someone like me that just wants some good tips on photography, but then again he really assumes you pretty much already know what you are doing in the photography world and have been using film. So he doesn’t really go into much detail about the composition of a photo. He spends more time talking about what someone who shot with film might be used to and how to achieve that same thing with a digital camera. I think there are probably better photography books out there that would be more useful to me. I’m still planning on finishing it though and I am picking up a few tips here and there.

Anyway, in other learning endeavors I’ve been working on the lastest challenge from Exposaroonie as well. Stephen is going to go out with me either tonight or tomorrow night so I can try shooting in a couple of other places. One of the places I want to go is downtown and he doesn’t want me to go there at night by myself.

Here’s what I have so far though:

This Gerber Daisy plant is right outside my front door. The only light available is from the porch light. I changed my ISO to 400 and didn’t use my flash.

This is sort of what the moon looked like Jan. 14. The photo definitely leaves something to be desired in me. With the naked eye you could see a lot more detail of the moon’s surface because it was so big. I tried several different settings on my camera to try and capture it and this was the only one that came close which was ISO at 400 and no flash. I also used my teleconverter lens.

So anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to with photography.



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8 responses to “Eye Candy Friday: Let’s Talk Photography…

  1. Your pictures are really wonderful! I’m so impressed. And that second picture of Bean is so adorable! love it.

  2. Is ISO400 the highest ISO available on your camera? That might not be quite enough to get a good moon shot…but even with higher ISO you have to worry about noise in the photos, etc., so there’s always a trade-off. Also, make sure to have a tripod available for moon / sky shots otherwise there will be no doubt the shot will be blurry. I never was able to get a good moon shot with my old Canon PowerShot G3, and I’ll probably still have issues with my EOS 40D.

    What’s your camera, by the way?

  3. lwuertz

    Yep 400 is the highest it will go, and yeah, I’ve already seen the trade off between noise and a higher ISO value. Actually, depending on which program I open it with, the picture in this post of Bean sleeping looks really funky because of the noise in it.

    I did use my tripod for this shot too.

    I have the G5 so, yeah.

  4. I do see some detail in the moon shot that would suggest a tripod was used, so that’s good…maybe it’s just a little over-exposed? I wonder what it would look like with a little less exposure…

  5. lwuertz

    Yeah I think it’s overexposed. Most of the other ones were just really bright and blown out.

  6. By the way, the ones of Bean are very good!

  7. Good tips. 🙂 Photography is so fun. I have a lot to learn still but I am enjoying learning on Michaela. What fun subjects we have.

  8. How fun! I love playing around with photography, even if some come out funky and not “technically” great, you never know which ones your favorites will be.

    I LOVE the one of Bean with the doll you made 🙂

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