Week seventeen

Dear Bean,

This week you continued to grow more curious and observant of the world around you. Our doggies are especially fascinating lately.

You also love to watch me cook and do chores.

You love the exersaucer at church more than the one we have at home because you can touch the ground and bounce around in that one. You can just barely brush the ground in the one at home, but you’ll grow into it soon.

You can sit up with the aid of the Boppy, but you are still a little wobbly and will fall over.

You are very quiet, serious and observant in social situations. You also get shy and bury your face into my chest sometimes when you get overwhelmed. I think it is pretty cute.

Kisses on the cheek make you giggle.

You love to “talk” and make funny noises. When we copy you it makes you laugh.

I think the teething monster is back because you haven’t been sleeping through the night consistently once again and you’ve also had your hands in your mouth all day. You haven’t been more fussy than usual though which is nice.

We’ve been putting you in the nursery on Sundays and Wednesdays for a few weeks now. You’ve done a great job from the first time and we haven’t ever been paged. Tonight you even took a nap there.

You are such a sweet, sweet girl and I love you so much.


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  1. I love her cheeks!!!! Adorable~ The flower is also a beautiful touch.

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