Four months!

Today Bean is four months!

Here’s her stats this month…

Now: 17in (between percentile 90 and 95)
3 months: 16.25in (in percentile 75)
2 months: 16in (in percentile 50)
1 month: 15in (in percentile 50)
Birth: 13.75in (in percentile 50)

Now: 24 in (between percentile 25 and 50)
3 months: 23 in (between percentile 10 and 25)
2 months: 22.75 in (between percentile 10 and 25)
1 month: 22 in (between percentile 50 and 75)
Birth: 20 in (in percentile 75)

Now: 15lbs (between percentile 50 and 75)
3 months: 14lbs (in percentile 75)
2 months: 12 lbs (between percentile 25 and 50)
1 month: 10 lbs (in percentile 50)
Birth: 7lbs 4 oz (between percentile 25 and 50)

Got four of those bows at Target for $3. I’ve never been much of a baby bow person before, especially when we would get all the birth announcements for The Voices and there would be babies with bows bigger than their little heads, but these were simple and cute and everyone definitely knows she’s a girl when she’s got one on.


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2 responses to “Four months!

  1. What a cutie! Congratulations, the bow looks beautiful on her…

  2. Emily

    She’s so adorable, and it is hard to believe it’s been four months!

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