Big News (No, I’m not already pregnant again!)

Oh this post. What to say. How to say it.

So out with it…

We’re moving to Thousand Oaks in 30 days.

I have been more torn over this decision than I ever thought I would be.

The chaos and stress of this week has been in telling those that are closest to us. It is also been in trying to figure out the logistics of downsizing our stuff to fit into a 2 bedroom apartment, renting out our place and finding homes for our puppy dogs.

I know there have been times on this blog I’ve made it seem like I hate Bakersfield and hate living here. That isn’t entirely the case. I do have some wonderful friends and family here. We go to a great church. One that has been like a second family for us over the last 11 years for Stephen and 8 years for me.

It is where we were married. Where Jillian was born.

Great friends came to visit, clean and bring us meals when I had the worst morning sickness ever last year.

Neighbors that we share a Bible study with each week.

Friends we’ve grown up with, gotten married and had kids at the same time.

An employer that has helped Stephen grow so much in his career.

Musicians that we’ve spent hours recording CDs, playing shows, leading worship and jamming with.

We both know that this is what we want to do and this is what we need to do, but we didn’t think it would be so hard to tell the people we love and have shared so much with.

So that’s our bittersweet news.

As such, posting here on the blog will probably be a bit sparse for awhile.



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10 responses to “Big News (No, I’m not already pregnant again!)

  1. Wow! That seemed like it came out of nowhere, but I’m sure that it has been something you were planning for awhile… is it for Stephen’s job? Are you going to law school? You can’t spill that and not give us more info!!!

    I am sure you’ll find someone to rent your home quickly, it is such a beautiful place!

  2. Woah! Big news! I’m sure there are lots of concerns and worries- but let me say after living 30 minutes from T.O. for a year, I LOVED IT. It’s a gorgeous drive back to Bakersfield (as I’m sure you know), the weather- awwww, the weather…Calvary Community Church has some awesome ministries. I’m excited for you!

  3. Paula

    this is my favorite picture ever! such a sweet moment! can you email me the file in big size so i can make a print?

    what a good little memory picture before you move.

  4. Congrats are in order correct?? Haha! I know it’s hard moving away. But it’s a new start. And can be really awesome.

    sooo what’s waiting for you in Thousand Oaks??

  5. You guys can’t leave Bakersfield unless you take us with you.

    We are really going to miss you guys. This will make it harder for Steve and me to remake the Eleventh Hour album! Or to work on putting old hymns to new music. My great plans for world domination are being dashed to pieces, I tell you!!! Hehe.

    By the way, if there are any good opportunities for IT Consultants there, let me know. ;o)

  6. lwuertz

    Oh yeah, kinda left some important info out. We are moving because Stephen has accepted a job offer working with his brother-in-law. So we’ll be like 10 minutes from them and get to hang out all the time. That’s the “sweet” part in the “bittersweet”. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh wow! That IS big news! I have never been to Thousand Oaks before but I’m sure it is beautiful. I can understand the stress you’re under to get everything ready and wondering what it will be like. It’s so hard to move away from family and friends. But it’ll be an adventure and I’m sure many blessings will result from it. It’s so nice you’ll be near family and you never know, you and Stephen might grow even closer and stronger since you’ll be starting a brand new life in a new place. Best wishes and hugs to you, Lisa!

  8. BOOHOO!!!! sniff sniff
    ok, so I am actually really, really excited for you guys and of course not totally surprised, since you told us a bit about this possible opportunity when we had you over… but still, I’m so sad too. I hate to see good friends go further away (even FURTHER than City in the Hills!! :))

    but I’m looking forward to seeing what God has for you there, and how this will grow and change your lives, and I am so thrilled you get to be by such dear family. Just know we’ll miss you guys being here in Bakersfield.

    I’ll be praying for you in the coming month especially as you prepare for the big move and figure everything out! I’d love to help in some way…

    Now we’ll have a wonderful reason to visit Thousand Oaks. And trust me, we WILL be visiting! πŸ™‚

  9. Morgan

    I’m so excited for you guys! (And maybe a bit jealous.) This is super exciting. I know that you guys are going to love it down there. Fun times are surely ahead!

  10. I’m sad to see you go so soon, ’cause it was sure nice to finally meet you today, Lisa!

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