Week Twenty One

Dear Bean,

Today you turned twenty one weeks old.

The world as you know it is rapidly changing. I can’t believe in less than a month we will be embarking on new adventures with you in a new city. It still seems so unreal to me. Your papa and I are running around like crazy chickens trying to pack up our house, sell some of our stuff, figure out our taxes, find a renter, find good homes for the doggies, secure an apartment and so much other stuff.

You don’t seem bothered by it though. You probably don’t even know what’s going on.

We are excited about what this change means for you: better air to breathe and less allergies, fun times with your cousins, and more time with family in general.

Developmentally, you can sit up on your own for the most part. If you are very excited this isn’t a good idea though, as you will usually topple yourself over. You can also scoot quite a bit if we put you on your tummy, but you tend to get frustrated with this.

I don’t think you have slept through the night in the last couple of months which is starting to take its toll on me (I’ve been a bit of a grump). You also already fight naps and this is very frustrating.

I love it in the morning after Papa leaves and we cuddle in bed together. You are so snuggly and sweet. I love it when I say, “Good morning!” and you get all smiley.

You are a very vocal girl. Not in a bad way. You make a lot of screeching noises and really like to test the limits of your vocal chords with happy yells and sounds. We’ve been trying to teach you “Mama” and “Papa”. There have been a couple times where I thought you said “Mama”, but I couldn’t get you to repeat it. Sometimes when we practice it with you, I can really tell you want to say it. You even form your mouth to match ours, but you get shy and get quiet suddenly. It’s OK, I can be patient, you will talk when you are ready.

You really like to do “pony rides” on our knees. Grandma Lori (my mom) is really good at getting you all hyped up when doing this. You like it so much that now whenever we have you straddle our knees you start rocking back and forth even if we aren’t doing a “pony ride”, as if to say, “Hey! Giddyup already!”

Your laughs and smiles can kill the tension in any situation.

You also tend to grab the attention of people wherever we go. Complete strangers see you when we are out and will stop to stare and smile. Yesterday at Trader Joe’s a lady stopped me to tell me you were “the cutest thing” she’d ever seen.

Well, at least I know I’m not biased when I say you are cute.



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3 responses to “Week Twenty One

  1. Those cheeks! I wanna grab them. She has the softest and smoothest looking complexion. OK, so are you bringing her to Talia’s shower? I hope so! I’d love to meet her before you move.

  2. lwuertz

    Yeah, I pretty much have to bring her. Stephen doesn’t do well alone with her for extended periods of time just yet.

  3. Well good, I’m glad you’ll have her with you! My husband never really did well when our boys were so small. It gets easier for the husbands once the babies are older and especially when they are weaned.

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