Bean dress options for Paula’s wedding

So my little sis is getting married May 30th. Here are some of the dress options I am considering for Bean:

Floral-Print Empire Dress – Old Navy, $14.50

Hand-Smocked Ruffle Dress – Janie and Jack, $68

Smocked Daisy Floral Dress – Janie and Jack, $37

Hand-Embroidered Pintuck Jumper – Janie and Jack, $34

Silk Taffeta Dress – Janie and Jack, $148 (not really considering this one because of the price, yikes!)

Flower knit dress – GAP, $22.50

So, Auntie Paula, what do you think?


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9 responses to “Bean dress options for Paula’s wedding

  1. Leslie

    The old navy one is my favorite!!!

  2. I love the first and the last dresses! And you can’t beat those prices!

  3. Paula

    uh actually, i like the first one the best and its the cheapest! so not normal for my expensive taste.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2nd one… but of course I do… I drool every time I go into Janie and Jack! 🙂

  5. Old Navy! But they’re all adorable- I can’t believe J&J carry that many yellow dresses!

  6. Smocked Daisy Floral Dress is so cute but the last one is also adorable. You picked some good ones!

  7. They’re all so cute!! But I would have to say my favorites are one and three, but especially three. Oh my goodness it’s adorable!

  8. Just in case you go with a Janie and Jack one, I just got a $25 off of $100 or more with free shipping if you want it. I’m not going to use it so if you want the code, let me know!

  9. I really like the Old Navy one! All of the ones from Janie and Jack are cute too. I actually don’t care for the last one because it looks much more casual and is more of an “everyday” style than a dressy “going to a wedding” style. But take that with a grain of salt because I do not think I have very good taste, haha!

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