I almost forgot a few things.

I’ve made myself a little outline so I don’t forget again.

1) Apartment – Yesterday I went to Thousand Oaks for the day with Bean. Stephen forgot to pack our duffle bag when we were there this weekend so I had to go back and get it because it had two of the four pairs of jeans that fit me in it and Stephen’s thyroid medication. When we were there this weekend we toured the apartment we are going to get and yesterday I signed the lease document. This apartment is so incredibly perfect. It’s actually a 3 bedroom townhome. It is right next to the playground. It has a huge patio/backyard-ish thing where I’m sure I will be able to plant a veggie garden. Bean’s room has all this great built in storage including a bookshelf for her quickly growing library. The kitchen is a great size and the dining room will even accomodate our huge dining table. There is a Whole Foods right behind the apartment complex, several shopping centers are nearby, JoAnn’s is right up the street, Pete’s Coffee is right across the street. I mean it is seriously the best location and apartment ever. I am so happy that we got it and got such a great deal on it.

2) Doggies – Someone from the homeschool group managed to find both our doggies homes with her family members. I am so happy about this. Both dogs are going to great families that I know will love them to pieces. Baxter is staying with us a few more days until his new owners get back from a little vacation. Baxter is so good with Bean. She loves staring at him and grabbing on his ears or skin. He is so good and just lets her do it. He is so gentle too. Check out these somewhat crappy quality pictures I got last night of the cuteness:


3) Bean 22 weeks – Bean turned 22 weeks yesterday. Not much new to report, you already know about the solid foods thing. Here are a couple more pictures from last night:

4) Chinese New Year – OK, now this one is quite old, but I realized that I never blogged about my Chinese New Year experience! The morning of our big feast, Ruth and I went to the Chinese market together to get some Chinese treats and ingredients for dumplings. When we got there they were having this huge celebration. They had Chinese dragon dancers, drums and all kinds of stuff. We walked past it all into the store. I noticed in the doorway that there was a string of firecrackers hanging. I was unsure if it was real or all part of the decor. Well a few minutes later when we were perusing the decorations section they started up the drums and dancing again. And then they lit the firecrackers off! It was sooo loud and crazy. Then the dance/drum/Budda line came right through the isles of the Chinese grocery store. It was so much fun! Unfortunately I only had my nearly dead cell phone with me and got the crappiest pictures ever, but here they are anyway:

It was certainly my most eventful and choatic grocery shopping experience ever. 🙂


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5 responses to “I almost forgot a few things.

  1. oh, Lisa, your apartment sounds AMAZING!!! I am so, so excited and happy for you. What a blessing that the Lord has provided for you in this way! I can’t believe all that good stuff that is practically around the corner from you. Whole Foods AND a JoAnn’s? Um, could there be more perfect stores for you?? 🙂

    So I feel like I’ve been a terrible friend lately since I haven’t even been commenting on your blog, but I have been thinking about you guys every day and praying for you as you get ready for the big move. I’m so glad you’re keeping us updated so well– I don’t know how you’re finding the time, but I’m glad. 🙂

    Can’t WAIT to see you on Saturday and get to hang out with you for a bit!

  2. Hey Lisa,

    Do you know how you’re going to rent your current house? If not, might I suggest using one of the rental management companies like RMS or Atco? They only charge $95.00/month to manage the rental, and that takes almost the whole burden off you guys for renting it out.

    We’re really going to miss you guys.

  3. lwuertz

    Yeah, we’re actually going to use Dobbs. They charge 30% the first month and then 8% after that. The standard is 12% so we figured it out and it works out to be less.

    We’re going to miss you guys to. You have to come visit. We’ll have a guest room and your girls can camp out in Bean’s room for a fun sleepover. There is so much to do and it would be a blast. It’s the perfect weekend trip. 🙂

  4. So can I move with you and have that third bedroom? That location sounds fabulous! I’d love to live close enough to walk to so many great things.

    I’m glad you found good homes for the dogs. That is a blessing for sure!

    What a fun shopping experience!

  5. That apartment sounds amazing!!!!

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