I’m pretty much exhausted.

So five months in I still haven’t figured out how to balance it all.

Some days I manage to get a staggering amount of stuff done. I amaze myself, really.

And then there are days like today where nothing gets done. Which isn’t entirely true. I did manage to go to my chiropractic appointment and run around Target for a bit picking up odds and ends.

It’s always easier for me to do errands outside our house than chores in our house. I think it is because when I’m running around town I usually wear Bean in the sling and she’s very content even if she is having a bad day.

I’ve tried this at home and I wind up with a really sore back and body from carrying around my little chunky monkey. It also isn’t quite the same in being able to get stuff done because so much of the household chores require bending and doing things that you really aren’t supposed to do with a baby in a sling. Plus she’s at the really grabby stage right now which complicates things even further.

Bean has a cold again. Her nose is super stuffy. She’s also had a few fevers so I’ve been giving her some Tylenol. The nose bulb is not working on these tough boogies either. Nursing has not been the best of experiences and because of the cold I stopped solids so she could get more antibodies, but it totally sucks! She pops on and off gasping for air and usually winds up freaking out and then biting me. She also won’t really let me put her down becuase she is just so miserable. Today I had to hold her through her entire 3 hour nap. I’ve been steaming up our bathroom to help things out and then today I ran into Emily and she suggested saline which was a total lifesaver at least in the nursing department. Another friend suggested putting Vicks on my chest while nursing, but I have to say I’m hestitant to try this after reading some stuff about it here on the Internet. So saline it is.

And I don’t know what is worse… getting up a bazillion times to go to the bassinet and comfort Bean throughout the night during the cold (what we did the night before last) or co-sleeping (what we did last night) which means I don’t really sleep at all because it’s too hot and our queen size bed is way too small for three people causing Bean to toss, turn, wimper, and wake up every 10 minutes. Did I mention she is getting to be quite the chunk? Yeah last night I nearly fell out of bed twice because it is just. too. stinking. small.



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8 responses to “I’m pretty much exhausted.

  1. Kourtni

    I can completely relate to the whole nursing during a cold thing. Genevieve was doing that popping on and off thing gasping for air and then freaking the heck out too. Finally she’s feeling better. Sheesh, I thought it would never end.

  2. I hate baby colds. I have a love/hate relationship with co sleeping too. Ack. I am just plain conflicted about parenting.

  3. Oh no, yes, babies with colds are so hard to take care of! I’m glad you discovered the saline, that was a lifesaver for us. I hope Miss Bean gets well soon.

    Oh, and don’t feel bad about not feeling like you’re getting a lot done on some days. My kids are older and a lot less needy and I still have lots of those days!

  4. Ruth

    Poor Lisa! Colds are never fun with babies. 😦 I hope that the stuffiness goes away soon! I can totally relate to what you posted about getting stuff done. Some days I feel so accomplished, and other days we’re all still in our pajamas at 5:00, with me wondering where the hours in my day flew off to. I’m still trying to get used to it, almost 5 years later. 🙂

  5. In 8 years, I still haven’t figured out how to balance it all. 🙂

    I’m sorry Bean’s been sick! H came down with it over the weekend, and now G is sniffling and sneezing, too. I totally hear you and the constant nursing front.

  6. You may or may not hate me for stating the obvious, but you really are doing an incredible job- especially during the roller coaster emotions of moving!

  7. Emily

    As I read your post I was thinking exactly what Megan wrote. I loved chatting with you at Target yesterday and you are doing a GREAT job managing life with a baby, keeping a home, crafting your buns off, maintaining life in general AND moving . . . give yourself a pat on the sore back!!

  8. Sometimes finding balance doesn’t mean you get everything that you want to do done, but that you know when to realize that you’re not going to get it all done and learn to be okay with that!

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