Here some incomplete and random thoughts from me today…

-I was thinking about writing a breastfeeding guide blog, but I realized I am far from an expert on the matter. I do have some things to say about it though. #1. Lanolin. In the beginning when it feels like your nipples are being “run through the garbage disposal” (as Kourtni put it), this stuff is your friend. #2. Support. For me, support came in the form of my husband, who would not let me give up; Emily, who wrote some supportive e-mails and gave me some advice; and my midwife who answered the phone at all hours of the night. Find a friend that has gone before you, an older, wiser mom that has done it multiple times, etc. A good support system is vital, in my opinion. #3. Lansinoh breast pads. Being the greenie that I am, I did try to use some cloth ones, but I leaked through and it was embarassing. I also tried some other brands of disposable pads and these were just simply the best. #4. Stick it out for at least 2 months before you decide that you are going to give up and that it is too hard. Also remember that it really isn’t any easier getting up in the middle of the night to prepare a bottle, carrying extra stuff around with you for bottle preparation when you go out places, etc.

-I’m feeling so torn about pregnancy and adoption. Remember my post-homebirth high and how I was so sure I wanted to do it all over again? Well at the end of last week and into the weekend I either got some really bad gas or a stomach bug. And yes I’m sure it was really a stomach bug this time, I’m soo not pregnant. Anyway, the cramping and nausea were so bad one night that I felt like I was in early labor. Suddenly pregnancy seems like this insurmountable challenge, especially with another little person to care for. So I spent several hours researching international adoption (domestic, open adoption does not appeal to me). Then after talking about it with Stephen I realized that we’re looking at 5-6 years before that is even economically feasible for us. Just seems too far spaced. I was telling my midwife about this and she said, “Wow, you give up pretty easily.” Then Stephen said, “She brings up a point that I’ve made several times before. When things seem too hard you tend to give up before even attempting them.” Ouch. Maybe I’ve got some character stuff to work on first before even thinking about having another kid.

-Tomorrow will be the last time I see either of my doggies. I’m feeling kind of sad about it, but also looking forward to getting all the dog hair out of everything once and for all.

-I picked up one of my knitting projects again because almost all my other hobbyish things are packed. I do have my sewing machine and Olive doll pieces out waiting for the next SAHM adventure with Tiffany (hope it happens before we leave!), but all the rest of my fabric and my books are packed. I started this sweater back in November, so I’ll be pretty happy to finally have it done and move on to the next unfinished project that is waiting for me.

-Speaking of boxes. I hate them. And paper plates/bowls/etc. When my friend Grace told me a couple weeks ago that she had 30 hours to pack up and move from Idaho back to Bakersfield, I thought she was CRAZY. But now I’m all about the 30 hour move. Seriously. Just get it done and over with and go. None of this business of do we pack this or wait till closer to the move, will I need to use this in the next few weeks, etc.

-This Sunday is our LAST Sunday in Bakersfield before the move. Pretty crazy. Stephen is leading worship and we’re doing Bean’s baby dedication. If you are in town you should come. It’s going to be sweet.

-I’m going to go get the oil changed on my car all by myself for the first time ever either this afternoon or tomorrow depending on how crowded it is.

-I’m finally getting a nut allergy test done today and will know the results next Friday. No more guessing which nuts I’m allergic to or wondering if my reactions are all in my head. OH! And speaking of allergies, I must say I’m very excited that I won’t be in Bakersfield next year during almond harvesting, which means NO HIVES! Woohoo!

-Speaking of next Friday, we are giving away pizza in an effort to get friends to come help us get our acts together (packing, cleaning and painting, oh fun!) before the big move. Let me know if you can/want to come.



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4 responses to “Incomplete

  1. I agree with everything you said about the breastfeeding. I had great support from my sisters and my mom and my husband. Him cheering me on and helping out any way he could so that I would be relaxed and have plenty of time to BF was so wonderful. Also, the lactation specialists at Mercy SW were wonderful, and let us come in every day for several days and just sat with me and patiently worked with both Swee’Pea and me to get the whole thing working. And SERIOUSLY it was TWO MONTHS before I finally felt good about breastfeeding. It takes a lot of work and I’m glad that I stuck with it… although I have to say that although I’m looking forward to breast feeding any more children that we have, I am NOT looking forward to going through all that pain again. 🙂

  2. Kourtni

    I totally agree with you about nursing. It’s so hard at the beginning, finally (and Genevieve is 2 1/2 months old now) I’m getting the hang of it. So glad I stuck it out though!! I would just encourage women to not give up for those first 2 months… its definitely the toughest!!!

  3. Kurt and Alisha

    I have not breastfed yet, so I really have nothing to say about that. 😉 ask me again in about 2 more months.

    I hated packing when we moved. We had the horrible mess of figuring out not only which stuff we should wait to pack, but which stuff we thought we wouldn’t need because a lot of our stuff had to be put in storage. That was a pain. At least you know everything is going to one place and you can access it soon. 🙂 The move is coming so soon. Are you getting excited!?

  4. The breastfeeding. . . it is actually a bit easier the second time around. You know what you’re doing and even though there’s still the pain the first couple weeks, it seems so much easier because you feel like an expert. I nursed my first for 12 months and the second for 13 months.
    As for giving up on pregnancy, I wouldn’t totally give up yet. I’ve gone through 2 other hyperemesis pregnancies (the 2nd being much worse than the first) and I am pregnant now. Although I’m not far enough along yet to know how this one will pan out, at least this time I know what works and what doesn’t. I know what signs to watch for and when to get help. I think I let it go too far before I got help with my 2nd one. If you have support at home and in the medical community, I think it’s do-able. You know the outcome is so worth it. Get extra help and support before you’re pregnant. Get your daughter used to other people, so they can help. My daughter is 14 months old and I have help around me. I think we’ll be ok this time around. I just keep telling myself in 7 months it will all be better and I get a great prize! It will be nice for my kids to be close enough in age to grow up together!

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