Attempts at being fashionable

I am so sick of trying to make my clothes work for me while nursing! I’m clumsy enough as it is without trying to wrangle with my clothing. This is why I can’t just be a discreet nurser and must use a Hooter Hider. Even with that thing though it is still a pain trying to pull stuff up, unzip, etc. while also keeping hold of a squirmy, grabby, and sometimes upset baby.

I always see this nursingwear company on the back of my Mothering magazines and decided to check it out. Some of their stuff was… well… very mom-ish, but here are some of my finds paired with accessories and other items from various stores. For the other items I tired to either find stuff I already have or stuff that was similar to what I already have. I don’t need to go breaking the bank around here. As far as accessories are concerned though, particularly earings, in all honesty I probably won’t be wearing them because Bean is just so darn grabby lately. I like my ears the way they are thank you very much and would not like having them ripped to shreds as an earing in her hand tears through them.

Breastfeeding & Fashion #1

Expressiva Fabulous Tie Top in Golden Olive, $36
AE 77 Straight Jean in Authentic Destroyed Wash, $49.50 Have these jeans, want another pair in a different wash.
Mossimo Supply Co. Willa Ring Sandals, $14.99 These are my new sandals for the summer.
Sabina Leather Half Moon Sachel, $245 (I actually already have a similar bag and it was a gift so it didn’t cost me anything!)
Triple Leather Bird Charm Bracelet, $28
Glass Cluster Flower Earings, $16

I was going to do a bunch of these, but I don’t really have time to play with it and all my other ideas are basically variations on that first one using these tops:
Nursing Tops

(From left to right, top to bottom)
Expressiva Square Neck Top in Blue Radiance, $29.99
Expressiva Lace Trim Cross Over Top in Olive Green, $29
Expressiva Shirred Scoop Neck Top in Coffee Brown, $32
Expressiva Flirty Ruffle Top in Sand, $27.99
Expressiva Crocheted Medalion Top in Wine, $36
Expressiva Couture Kehole Top in Rose Wine, $27.99

So, let me know what you think of my attempts at being fashionable and comfortable while nursing.



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4 responses to “Attempts at being fashionable

  1. crystal

    I love those shirts! I look stupid while I’m nursing b/c I wear a nur half pink or green. It looks like I have the dumbest shirt ever on.

  2. Emily

    When you do have the time, I’d looooove to see more outfits! I totally dig that outfit you put together and could reallllly use some fashion advice over here!! ESPECIALLY nursing-friendly fashion advice!

  3. i love the ensemble! so cute, really! siskel and ropert give two thumbs up!

  4. Kurt and Alisha

    Cute outfit. Love the shirt and the sandals. And the bracelet! 😉

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