Oldies but goodies…

So this last Sunday was our last Sunday in Bakersfield before the move. Ack! I can’t believe we are moving in four days! Our pastor wanted to put together a slideshow/video sharing memories from the over 11 years for Stephen and 8 years for me that we have been at Westbrook. Well, things didn’t wind up working out quite right as far as technology was concerned. So all that was shown was a short clip from the high school ministry’s old video announcements with Stephen hanging from the playground equipment a la Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible for the evangelism series, “Mission Possible.” Well, I thought I’d share some of the old memories with you all just for fun.

OK, this one isn’t that old. 2004 to be exact. This is Stephen and then junior high pastor, Paul Prelle working on the Westbrook birthed favorite, “Louder than the Rocks” at Hartland winter camp.

This is my friend Chelsey and an orphan girl at Colina De Luz, an orphanage in Mexico that our high school group used to go to on spring break every year to serve.

This is Stephen and I at a different year’s Mexico missions trip. Don’t you just love my butch haircut? Oh and notice the cheesey matching grey sweater and tan cords outfit. Sweet!

This is Stephen and our friend Sam, now a guitarist in Dizmas, on the beach after some baptisms during summer camp.

Some of us in the high school ministry took a trip to Hollywood to see Lord of the Rings at the Mann. Some of us had fun and other people were quite bored (*cough* Megan *cough*). In the back we have Megan, Stephen and Trent. In the front there is Heather, my sister Paula (if memory serves we fought on this trip, like every other youth trip we went on together), Amanda, Me, and Taylor.

Stephen and I during worship in the bunk house at Colina de Luz.

In addition to summer camp, our youth group used to have a “leadership” retreat. This year was camping on the beach. Stephen’s hair loved that adventure.

Stephen and our friend Aaron jamming in the chapel at the very first Kineo summer camp.

This would be me attempting to eat some form of baby food for a camp game. You can tell how much I am enjoying it. This was a big spur in my decision to make my own food!

Both “Steves” at a different year’s leadership retreat. I think this was the retreat we took where we stayed in the beach house. I remember it was during the whole church split thing. There was a lot of drama, tears and this was the last time some of the kids did stuff with our church because their families wound up leaving.

A bunch of the guys on the same trip being goofy: Bryan, Stephen, Dave, Steve, and Jared.

This is me with my co-leader Gigi and our cabin girls at winter camp one year. I believe this may have been the year when the bus got stuck a mile from camp and we had to walk uphill in the snow the rest of the way (I always wanted to have a story like that, haha).

Stephen and I playing on the teeter-totter at Colina de Luz.

This is during chapel at Colina de Luz. Sarah, Jacqueline, and I.

Another winter camp. This is just after I started crocheting again. Love the matching hat and scarf. This is one of the high school students with me.

Stephen and I at winter camp.

One Way! This was the band Stephen was in during high school. From left to right: Holly, Caleb, Stephen, “Popeye” as he’s known on the Internet, and Nathan.

Stephen’s baptism at a “poolside unplugged” event.

Stephen and Jeremy at a Holy Grounds event (precursor to Solomon’s Porch) where their band, Eleventh Hour was playing.

A different Holy Grounds, Stephen, Jeremy and John Border.

There were a lot more pictures, but I didn’t have time to get them all onto the computer. So hope you enjoyed this little glimpse down memory lane.


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2 responses to “Oldies but goodies…

  1. Aww Hartland!!! It’s so fun looking back through the years! It must feel so weird to have just experienced your LAST Sunday there/here in Bakersfield. I can’t imagine! So bittersweet right? How was the dedication?

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