Great friends…

I have had the priviledge of knowing Talia (and her family) for well over five years now. As so many others have said, Talia is the sweetest person you could know! I am so glad to count her as a friend. Her husband, Jeremy, goes even further back with Stephen, as you saw in the old photos I posted a few days ago.

While we don’t see eachother very often, they are the kind of friends that when we do hang out it never feels awkward and we just keep on staying until we all realize it is way past bedtime and that one of us has a 30 minute drive home ahead of us because we live on complete opposite ends of town. It is well worth it every time though.

The other thing is that we are the kind of friends that are too busy having fun to remember to take pictures! So the last few times we’ve seen eachother, we’ve been trying to make a point of picture taking. Talia just sent me the pictures she had on her camera. So here goes…

From her perfect shower (no dumb games, just the best little time of visiting and opening gifts even the kids were there!)…

Yay! We finally have a picture of us together!

And as promised, Bean and I modeling the sling I made her.

Sunday night we had dinner (in which I discovered a white sauce that comes in a jar and actually tastes really good) and hung out for the last time before the move and before little Rosalie arrives. It was at their house that I realized that my camera didn’t have the memory card in it all day which meant that not only could I not take pictures of our time together that night, but that I also had NO pictures from Bean’s baby dedication that morning. I’m hoping Stephen’s mom got some and will pass them along. Anyway, here are the pictures I took with Talia’s camera…

Talia requested that Stephen bring his guitar over. So Stephen grabbed my guitar. We refer to it fondly as the “beater” guitar because it is the least expensive of all the guitars in this house. So we don’t mind taking it places where it could get a “beating” like the beach, hanging out in the back of a hot car, where kids are likely to have accidents around it, etc. It is still a great guitar though and sounds good. Anyway, while we were there Talia was saying that she wished she had a guitar and I was going to just give it to her (Stephen has given away his fair shair of instruments over the years, so I figured I could do the same), but when I announced this we all found out that Jeremy had already sneakily bought the guitar for Talia as a surprise. I’m glad the guitar has a new home with such good friends.

Annabelle was having so much fun playing with Bean. Poor Emma had pink eye and had to stay a little isolated that night. 😦 Even though pink eye is really contagious we decided to risk it because we knew this was our last chance to hang out and I knew from the tear duct business after Bean was born that I had everything I need to treat it for free (Yay for breastmilk!).

Do you see that lovely little blue bird blanket Bean is sitting on? Well Talia decided that she was going to make her own receiving blankets for Rosalie because the ones in the store are way too small. So she got a bunch of different flannels and made some. She decided to make an extra blue bird one because the fabric was just so cute. And so then when I agreed on how cute it was she gave me the extra one. Yay! I love, love, love this blanket. Eeeee! Thank you so, so much Talia.

Of course Talia could not resist Bean’s cuteness. She had so much fun making Bean giggle. It was too cute.

So anyway, I’m thinking this will be the last post before the move and until we get our Internet service set up. I think it is a great way to wrap things up in Bakersfield… with good friends. We will miss you all!


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3 responses to “Great friends…

  1. Eek! I just saw that bluebird flannel at the store and was dying over it. It’s incredible. It reminds me of a receiving blanket of my dad’s that I now have. So early 1960s! Love it!

  2. you made me cry…

    I love you Lisa, and we are going to miss you guys!!

  3. Kourtni

    This was soo sweet!! I love your new blankie. 😉 All the pictures are very cute.

    We will all miss you, I’m very glad that you have a blog so that we can keep in touch with you!!

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