The crafty bug

OK, we still don’t technically have Internet. Well we might have already had it if I had been home yesterday when UPS tried to deliver our goods from Verizon. Oops. But if I hold my computer at just the right angle I can get connected on an unsecured network here in the apartment complex.

The craft bug hit yesterday and since then I have accomplished three, yes three, little projects. So I thought I’d share.

First, here’s my take on the Anthro bird display…

I’m still not sure if I completely like it. The whole thing is pretty easily removed though, so I’m not worried. Right now I’m just trying to let it grow on me. Stephen’s response to the “art” on the walls? “I think we can get away with it because we have kids. I think they’re fun. They’re pretty girly.”

Anyway, the way I did it was I purchased one of those scrapbook stacks (Talia’s idea), made four templates, traced and cut them out then used Scotch brand removable foam mounting squares (Ruth’s idea) to attach them to the wall. I did try the more clustered look that the window display had going on, but I really didn’t like it.

After my art project, I decided to make a couple of jingly blocks for Bean with some of the leftover quilt squares, polyfill and bells I had…

Then this morning I finally finished Olive so she joined her best friend Archie for a picture on the chair in the livingroom…

Of course we all know that Olive and Archie can’t resist a good playground, so they are pretty happy about the fact that there is one just a few feet from our front door…

(I’m sure my neighbors all think I’m crazy now for taking pictures of dolls on playground equipment)

Bean loves all the toys I’ve just made her, but she’s being a bit of a grump today and so I have her down for her second nap right now. I’m hoping she’s a little more cheery the next time she wakes up.

Oh and Bean’s new room is just about finished. I just need to hang up her name shelf. I did find some pretty sweet wall decals at Target though so I applied them yesterday. Here’s a peak at her room…

That lamp and shade were procured in my first IKEA experience.

I can’t wait to unpack Bean’s books and fill that little built-in shelving unit.


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12 responses to “The crafty bug

  1. Looks like you’re getting settled in! I must admit, I’m a little jealous of the ease of apartment living.

  2. Emily

    LOVE! those decals from Target!!!

  3. CUTE decals! And I really like the birds.

  4. I’m so impressed that you are already out and about and crafting so soon after moving!!!
    Those decals are from Target???? LOVE them!

  5. All your crafts turned out so CUTE! I love the decals in Bean’s room…those little birds are adorable!

  6. Ruth

    Wow, you’ve been busy!! Everything looks fun and cute!

  7. Tiffany

    1. Olive looks adorable. I have mine almost done. I just have to close up a gap in her head. I really wish we could have finished them together, but such is life!

    2. Your blocks are adorable!

    3. I miss you guys, already.

  8. lwuertz

    I miss you guys too!

  9. lwuertz

    And you know I totally stole the blocks idea from you. 🙂

  10. Tiffany

    This is true. But then, I was hoping you would. 🙂

  11. I think it all looks GREAT!

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