Blips on the radar

Guy checking us out at Best Buy the other night (we purchased computer speakers so Stephen can listen to Dodger games online), instead of talking tech with my hubby says, “Wow! That is a really cool sling! Where did you get it? She looks really comfortable in there.”

In fact, I haven’t gotten a single negative comment or weird look slinging here in TO. It was a weekly occurance in Bakersfield.

Bean has figured out how to click her tongue, crawl backwards, roll to get where she wants to go and wave hi/bye (or at herself in the mirror) all in the last few days.

I’m starting to wonder if I got more sleep before night weaning.

We were supposed to try and go to the beach today, but I don’t think it is going to work out. I’m bummed. I’ve lived here for three whole weeks now and still no beach even though it is so close and we pass it on the way to church on Sunday.

If you have a good beet recipe, I need it. Last time I had that vegetable it tasted like dirt. Would like it to be a better experience this time.

I’m hoping to prove that I actually still knit in the next week or two. Just have to finish the dang sleeves already.

Yesterday when we went to the park Stephen wore Bean in the front pack carrier for the first time. He offered to do it and said he could “Euro boy it.” My back was grateful for the break. We were hoping to hike through the botanic garden together, but it closes at 5pm. So I think we are going to attempt again today.

My compost bin is getting quite decomposed and steamy. Very exciting. When I was talking about the squirrels getting after my garden I love that Cara called them rascals in the comments section. Yesterday I referred to the garden as my “crops” and Stephen started cracking up. He said it’s not like we’re feeding the neighborhood around here. Then I pointed out that I had 6 bell pepper plants, 2 tomato plants, 12 lettuce plants and an assortment of herbs. We could probably feed at least a neighbor or two, not the whole apartment complext though, I’m sure.

A few days ago I saw this TBC article about co-sleeping and it has been annoying me ever since. This article is a great example of terrible journalism. There is SO much conflicting evidence on the issue. The studies that have been done have tons of flaws. Co-sleeping can be perfectly safe if you research it out and take precautions to make it so. Furthermore, even the country’s leading pediatrician, Dr. Sears and Mr. Cry-It-Out himself, Dr. Ferber, say that co-sleeping is fine. I guess this is what happens when you cut 14 newsroom jobs. Things just slip through the cracks and your articles start looking more like press releases for the health department than actual news stories.

So there’s your bit of Lisa brain for the day. I’m excited to be heading to church in just a couple hours. 🙂


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