Week Twenty-eight

This was supposed to be the age that I would love.

But I don’t.

She was supposed to be happy. Be able to sit for hours with a toy and entertain herself.  

This is the age I hate the most so far.

She cries more than she ever has. She melts down when she doesn’t get her way.

She’s always frustrated because she can’t go everywhere with me. If I leave the room I’m just asking for a puddle of tears.

Papa isn’t good enough.

She doesn’t really like her solid food anymore because it isn’t really new and exciting. She just wants to nurse like every hour.

She really wants to go, but attempting to walk/crawl/stand only winds up pissing her off.

No. I do not like this age one bit.

It is kind of like a deja vu to my pregnancy, “You’ll feel better/stop throwing up at _____ weeks.”


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8 responses to “Week Twenty-eight

  1. Oh, Lisa. I can totally relate to this. Separation anxiety has been worse with Silas, my “happy baby” than it was with any of the others. I can no longer put him on the floor to play happily for a few minutes (or an hour!) because in about 30 seconds he’s gonna 1) realize I’m not there or 2) realize that he want something he can’t reach and it’ll all be over.

    This too shall pass. What comes next is anybody’s guess, but this will end at some point!

  2. Big hugs! What a trying time. I am going through a rough time with my three year old at the moment (we are attempting to potty train) and I have already sobbed over how difficult it has been. Parenting is a roller coaster, you have these great times with happy memories and events and then times when you wonder, “why on earth did I want to have kids?” I’m amazed at your honesty and candor. More moms should be willing to share the good, bad, and the ugly. I hope things get better soon!

  3. Paula

    ok, i know it shouldn’t but this makes me laugh. really hard.

  4. lwuertz

    There are moments when it makes me laugh… like some of the stuff that she gets upset about is just funny. But oh the whinning. It really gets to me after awhile. I can’t function when it is going on.

  5. Ruth

    I’m sorry you’re in the middle of this right now. It’s so hard!! Just remember that it won’t always be this hard, and do what you need to in the meantime to get through it. Even if she doesn’t go to her papa very easily, keep trying and make sure you get some time out by yourself a couple times a week at least, even if it’s only for an hour or two. Walks help too, if you need a break from a baby clinging to you but don’t have anyone to leave her with. Especially if you bring your ipod and crank it. =)

    I think it helps as they get older because you’ve gone through so many of these stages (and they seem to always happen when they are on the verge of meeting some new milestones) and you know more concretely how temporary they are. That perspective makes everything so much more bearable. I hope this one is over soon.

  6. Emily

    Yyyyeah, no. That wasn’t my favorite age with my oldest either. The good news is that ALL the stages are easier when the baby has a sibling. The bad news is that yeah, that pissed-off thing might last a while. LOL {{{{{{{ }}}}}}

  7. Sorry Lisa. 😦
    I promise… it does get easier and more fun!!!

    Taking time for yourself is IMPORTANT. Excercise helps me get out a lot of pent-up frustration. I know it’s hard getting out without the baby at this age when she’s still breastfeeding, but do it — even just an hour on a Saturday. Baby and her papa will survive without you for that long. And it’ll save you from going nuts. I almost learned this the hard way. 🙂

    Call me anytime if you really need some time out! Will and I can come play so you can get out! I’m serious.

  8. Kourtni

    Oh I know… it’s sooo hard. But the good news is that it’s probably almost over, and she’s about to get really really easy! Then all you have too look forward to is the terrible 3’s. (I don’t know why they say it’s 2… it’s always been 3 for us) Hugs!!!!

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