Two Oh’s

I’m a little over halfway through my twenties (I turned 25 last August) and instead of bemoaning all the things I have not done yet, I decided that I would celebrate those things that I have done and places I have been. So this is what my 20s have looked like so far…

-Married my best friend and a talented musician.
-Saw some friendships wither after I married.
-Toured California with an unsigned rock band.
-Spent countless hours holding vigil in recording studios.
-Spent the winter in Big Bear worshipping God with thousands of junior high and high school kids.
-Taught/re-taught myself to scrapbook, crochet, knit, sew and embroider.
-Made lovely handmade gifts for myself, friends and family.
-Sat on the beach on July 4th with fireworks going up all around that were so loud they shook your chest with a war veteran I actually knew personally.
-Saw the amazing beauty that is Sedona, AZ.
-Got the travel bug, but have not really satiated it yet.
-Went to my first Major Leage Baseball game.
-Seaworld/Disneyland/San Diego Zoo. All amazing.
-Got beyond Top Ramen & Hot Pockets. Taught myself to cook. I’m getting pretty good at it.
-Changed majors/minors a lot.
-Learned proper signing techniques and more about music theory than I will ever be able to use with my limited musical abilities.
-Wrote a thesis/study on Christian faith and the impact it had on political voting decisions in Bakersfield, CA during the 2004 election.
-Earned my BA.
-In awe of God’s creation in Mammoth, CA.
-In shock over man’s depravity in Manzanar, CA.
-Experiemented with photography. Still working on this.
-Dabbled in the news industry.
-Started a blog.
-Got fired for a blog entry by a company that wouldn’t be around without the first amendment.
-Kept blogging anyway.
-Became an award winning journalist (locally anyway).
-Saw U2 in concert.
-Started my autobiography. Made the mistake of giving it out before it was finished and when I wasn’t ready for criticism. Haven’t worked on it since.
-Became an editor. Hated it.
-Quit my job.
-Flirted with law school.
-Survived one of the worst pregnancies.
-Experienced Seattle and fell in love with a city for the first time.
-Defied a doctor.
-Had a precious baby girl in my bedroom with only a midwife and my husband present.
-Heard that baby girl call me “Mama”.
-Made new friends.
-Signed up for an organic produce co-op.
-Invested in real estate at a really good time and made thousands.
-Invested in real estate at a bad time and lost thousands.
-Became a landlord.
-Moved from the city I had spent most of my remembering life to somewhere completely new.
-Found a church that I really love.
-Started serious budget making and following for the first time in my marriage.
-Refigured my priorities and realized that some of the stuff I thought was important was just stupid.

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  1. this is an amazing list. I love the idea of making one of these! I might have to copy you, although mine probably wouldn’t be quite as varied as yours. 🙂

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