Week Thirty

Life just got a whole lot more interesting around here. Bean is crawling!

Luckily she’s still at the point where she has to really be convinced to do it and you have to have something she really wants otherwise she’ll just sit there and stare at you, but basically I need to babyproof the apartment tonight.

In other Bean news I’m trying to find some kind of balance between being the anal-scheduled-mom that sounds like this (overheard at the park prior to Easter weekend):

“What are you doing for Easter? Oh. Well we’re supposed to go to my brothers house, but I’m really annoyed. I mean it used to be that when Max was a baby nothing in our family EVER got scheduled between the hours of 10 and 4. That was like holy, sacred nap time that you couldn’t mess with. But ever since Max isn’t a baby anymore the whole family schedules stuff whenever. It’s so frustrating. So I told my mom that we might show up, but if we do it will probably only be for like 30 minutes because then we need to go back home so Elijah can take his nap. And I don’t really care if it pisses them off. I’m tired of everyone not caring about our nap schedule!”

and being the flakey-anything-goes mom that lets her kids run wild and if they don’t get a nap and are having meltdowns everyday well who cares they are kids and we should just let them be free spirits. But in trying to find that balance I sometimes feel like I am bipolar. One day I’m setting off alarms to try and make sure she only gets to eat every two hours and the next I am letting her sleep for 4-5 hours during the day and then she’s staying up until 11 that night because she got most of her sleep during the day.

Part of me longs for the schedule so I know what to expect and part of me wants to rebel against any form of a schedule and just let things be. Anyway, that probably sounds like a whole lot of jibberish. So I’ll stop.

But wow, she’s crawling!


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12 responses to “Week Thirty

  1. yayyy!!! Look at her go!!

  2. Oh my gosh she’s crawling! WOW! So cute!
    I was the same way you were about scheduling. I wanted to rebel too LOL But at the same time I could see the perks in having a schedule. I fought it for a really hard time. I loved when my kids took long naps because then I could 1) take one too or 2) have a longer break and they’d wake up in better moods the longer they slept. But then the staying up late bit started wearing on me. And when we started preschool that was not a good thing! So I eventually bit the bullet and created a pretty concrete schedule. For awhile I stuck close to home and to the schedule as much as possible. But then, every once in awhile, I started to let things just go with the flow and my kids ended up doing just fine either way.
    All that to say that I realized that having a schedule is actually BETTER for kids, especially the younger they are. Just like YOU like to know what to expect, SHE does too. BUT it is also really important (in my opinion) to have a flexible child as well. SO find your schedule, get it down, and then start experimenting with flexibility.
    Holy Mack that’s a long comment! I’ll just stop now πŸ™‚
    Congrats on the crawling though!

  3. ugh hard=long at the beginnin of my comment

  4. That is great! What a milestone!

    Oh and I totally know what you are talking about with schedules and babies…Arg! Man, striking a balance with those is HARD. Michaela melts down if she doesn’t go to bed within a decent time frame but it makes it hard to go anywhere after 8 pm because her bed time is at 7! So if we are out it just makes the next day SO difficult.

  5. yay for crawling! so exciting!

    my boys are on a very predictable schedule most days.

    but whenever there is a special occasion involving friends or family, we are very flexible and sometimes naps don’t happen for everyone. and it works great for us!

    in my humble opinion, it’s good for kids to be on a schedule for the majority of the time. and then to be flexible the rest of the time.

  6. Morgan

    How fun she’s crawling! It’s fun to see what she’s up to, because I know that Adelaide will be following her soon enough! It’s crazy how fast they grow up…sigh.

    Some friends from church recommended some great books before I had her. They’re the ‘Baby Wise’ books. They follow a schedule, but it’s been great because, like you said, it’s nice knowing what she’s going to do. And I think you can still have a schedule and be flexible. Even during nap time I can go out because she can sleep on me in the sling, or in her car seat. If you’re willing to be flexible (which you obviously are!) then I think schedules can work. And then there’s days when not a lot works, and you just go with it. πŸ™‚ They always keep you on your toes, don’t they?

  7. Ruth

    Yay, how exciting!!!! I can’t wait to see her do it in person! She looks so happy to have finally figured it out. =)

    As for the schedule thing, I think it’s very important to have one, but it’s also okay to be flexible to a certain extent. And if I’m going to be flexible with the schedule one day, I make sure that the following day we will be able to stick to it. Two days in a row of not following the schedule is bad, bad. If I know we’ll be out and a nap will be missed, I try to schedule things so we’ll have a good drive around naptime so it’s possible to get at least a small nap in in the car. I move bedtime earlier by up to an hour to account for the missed naptime, and make a real effort to keep naps on track the next day.

    Also, whatever we are doing that is going to make us miss a nap and have to deal with a cranky child in the afternoon better well be worth it. =P

  8. Kourtni

    AWW! I actually teared up a little seeing Miss Bean crawl! CONGRATS! It’s so exciting… and I know we’re next. AHH! I’m not ready! I haven’t had a “baby proof” home in a very long time. DRAT!
    As for the schedule thing… I’m very very very pro-schedule!! But… on the other hand… if we are out or have a day or two where we have to make an exception, I try not to freak out about it. The baby just kind of does whatever during the day right now…. and I’m starting to try and get her on a more concrete schedule… but the evenings are pretty well figured out for now. YAY!

  9. I personally like schedules. As long as they work. And they never work all the time. They’re always changing. So, we sort of have two schedules. There are days when we want to go somewhere in the evening, so I try really hard to get H to take a nap. And there are days when I want to do stuff in the afternoon and not worry about it, but I know he’ll want to go to bed early. And then there are days when I’m really looking forward to an early bedtime, and he doesn’t nap, and then he still won’t go to bed early. Argh.

    Congrats on being mobile, Bean! Good luck to your mama! LOL.

  10. aw, yay, Bean!!! So exciting!! What a different phase of her babyhood you’ve just entered… πŸ™‚

    I’m all about the schedules, since I love naptime and being able to predict when Rosalie will need to eat, for example, so I can plan accordingly. But I’m also all about flexibility too, if that makes sense. Schedules are good for moms AND kids– but it’s silly to allow them to rule your life to the extent that you don’t get to do anything else. Every mom needs to figure out what works best for her kid and her life– and I know you will!

  11. GrandmaTiger

    Once you build in a schedule, you will find that she stays on it where ever you are – you guys used to crash and take naps at other people’s houses, in the carseat, etc. I was pretty flexible with you all, but it worked.

  12. Barbie

    WOW! Huge accomplishment and she looks darn cute crawling too. πŸ™‚ So nice when they finally have mobility and can get to the entertainment.

    Schedule…what a nasty word, but yes, I think it really helps make life bearable. I feel like having my sisters kids helped me be better at scheduling so I could be sane. We definitiely had (still have) a basic schedule that is also flexible. Once we got on a consistent nap schedule, Aubrey’s naps were much longer and better. Figuring out all that mom stuff was hard.

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