Week Thirty One

Dear Bean,

Sometimes it is easy to forget how quickly your world is changing around you.

Your auntie was just here for a couple of days which you loved.

I think she summed it up best, “She’s so different. Last time I saw her she could barely sit up on her own. Now she’s saying ‘mama’ and ‘papa’, crawling, rolling around, and taking steps when she holds onto your fingers.”

Yep, that’s right. You are taking steps now!

In the last few days I’ve made quite a big change around here too. I put you on a schedule. While I still think that on demand feeding has its merits, especially in the beginning to get supply up, I was just having a hard time not having a schedule now that you are a little older. Some days I felt tied to the couch all day and was constantly wondering if your cries were actually from hunger or just that you needed some comfort or something to do.

Our schedule really isn’t all that different from what you did on a typical day. You had already worked yourself into a schedule of a morning nap around 10:30 and an afternoon nap around 2:30. But sometimes I was letting you sleep too much during the day (3-4 hour stretches) or you weren’t napping at all. If we were out running errands and you were distracted you would go several hours without eating some days, but other days you were eating every half hour if we were home and you were bored.

Then thrush came along and all that snacking was really getting to me and hurting like heck.

So I’ve made this decision for us. This is not typical of me. I don’t like having time commitments because they generally make me worry and freak out if something doesn’t go completely according to plan. I’m starting to realize though that I do need a little bit of structure in my day. I like knowing where the hours go and being able to say at the end of the day that I did this, this and this instead of always feeling like nothing got done.

I will admit that there have been some tears shed on your part over it. I’m sorry about that. You do seem to be getting used to it though even after only a few days.

Another thing I like about the schedule is that instead of just handing you off to me if you are upset, your papa is taking a much more active role in entertaining and comforting you because he knows that you really did just eat and that you don’t need to eat again until your next feeding time.

I’m not sure if this will fix our night waking problem, you are still doing that quite a bit, but it will at least give my day a little more structure and let me plan when I can get things done.

Anyway, that is our latest adventure in the parent child relationship. I am sure there will be many more to come.

I love you munchie,



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2 responses to “Week Thirty One

  1. she’s so cute, and growing SO fast!! Wow, steps already. She is going to be running around before you know it! 🙂

    I’m glad the schedule is going well… and I hope it helps with the waking up at night too.

  2. Oh I love that last picture. Her cheeks! Ah!

    I know what you mean about them changing! It is amazing how it seems overnight often! Crazy!

    Oh and schedules…gotta love having a flexible one. I thought I would NEVER revert to one but you know….they seem to do better on one at least mine does.

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