Not quite 88 keys, but it works

Recently we were given a play piano. I was thrilled. Bean loves the ones she has played with at her friends’ houses.

The piano was “gently” used. Which meant that one of the keys was broken and Stephen immediately noticed that it was a little out of tune.

I said, “So what. It’s just a little play piano.”

Stephen’s response, “It’s important. I don’t want my daughter growing up tone deaf.”

I guess that’s what I get for marrying and having a child with a musician.

I opened up the piano today with my trusty Phillip’s screwdriver to see if something could at least be done about the broken key. I discovered that the hammer was snapped in half. I was able to fix it though with a little Scotch tape.

Much to her father’s dismay, Bean is more interested in using to help her stand.


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