You have asked… a pregnancy update follows

I think I felt more connected to my pregnancy and the baby when I was pregnant with Bean than with the current bean because my symptoms were so severe that I was constantly thinking about the fact that I was pregnant.

Now, not so much.

Days go by without a single thought towards it. Then I have a day like today where too little sleep plus back to back errands leaves me achy, crampy and flat-on-my back exhausted. And then I’m like, “Oh yeah. I am pregnant. Probably shouldn’t try to do too much like that again.”

Or maybe this is second child syndrom already setting in.

Hmmm. Not so sure. I just think it is hard to forget that you are pregnant and that fact is sucking the very life out of you when you are barfing 20 times a day.

So glad this pregnancy is completely different.

I am definitely excited. I honestly can’t wait until I feel that first kick. To daily know that there is new life within me. And as much as I fear becoming a huge fat beached whale by the end of the pregnancy (brought on by the fact that I’ve already gained 9lbs… which by the way, what the heck?! I am eating healthy and stuff.), I actually like having that round basketball tummy and all the maternity clothes that go with it.

I am very excited to be so close to the end around Christmas time. Many moms that I know that have been pregnant at that time say it is a unique experience.

I am excited to have another homebirth with my awesome midwife.

I am excited to have my babies interact. For Bean to be a big sister.

And despite everyone else’s wishes, I really hope I am having a girl. I’ve got my name picked out and everything. This time I’m not sharing though. I don’t want the criticism.


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3 responses to “You have asked… a pregnancy update follows

  1. Kourtni

    When I was pregnant with Juliet I would actually completely forget I was pregnant for days on end. I think it was because I had Logan… and he was still such a little baby and needed so much attention. I didn’t have a lot of time to sit around and dream about my pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Logan- I thought about it almost 24/7.
    Having a baby at Christmas is really nice!! I’m worried about Genevieve’s birthday being lost in the Christmas season, but we’re going to make an effort to do a birthday party every single year. No combining Christmas with B-day!!

  2. I understand what you mean about the connection. I’ve been sick, but not as sick. The first time I was worried all the time about the baby, not knowing how my being so sick was going to affect her. This time, even though I already have a showing belly, I still don’t feel that connection with the baby. Sometimes I forget it’s there despite the PICC line coming from my arm. (It just seems like a way of life these days!) I go for an ultrasound soon, and I’m sure that’s where the reality comes. I wish you the best and believe me, even with the second, you fall in love right away and have plenty to go around. My baby was born 4 days before Christmas, and she was the best Christmas present God could have sent us!

  3. I am so, so glad you’re doing so much better this time around!! Praise the Lord!

    and yes, it’s true… pregnancy the second time around is very different. It’s not near as all-consuming!

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