Garden Update

Today I was finally able to make it out into my garden to see what the heck is going on out there. I was disappointed to discover that one of my lettuce plants had gone to seed and was really, really bitter. Straight into the compost bin it went!

There was copious amounts of grass growing out there. So I tried to pull a lot of it out. Then I harvested five of my remaining lettuce plants.

Needless to say we are having some big salads over the next couple days!

I stirred up my compost. And this is the barometer for how very different this pregnancy is. The compost literally smells like day old puke. Really gross. But I don’t even come close to gagging when I open the bin or stir the stuff. It is so weird. I’m planning to apply all that yucky goo to the ground this fall and maybe even renting a rototiller from Home Depot to really get the soil turned up and loosened. Then I’ll try my hand at a winter garden.

I’m wondering if I can convince Stephen to let me plant some dwarf citrus trees back there.

Yes I have big plans.

Anyway, when I was done stirring my compost and putting back the D-Fork, I nearly screamed when I saw this guy because I thought he was a snake at first by the way he kept his legs so close to his body.

Nope, just a lizard. Probably cashing in on the red fly population that has taken up residence in and near my compost bin. Bleh!

Also exciting in my garden today? I finally have some little green tomatoes! I am so excited!

Anyway, I really need to do the sink full of dishes and find a place for all that lettuce. And I need a shower. So that’s about it from me today.


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5 responses to “Garden Update

  1. Kourtni

    YAY for gardens!!! You are so much better at it than I am. I need some serious help.

  2. WOW It seems like all of that grow SO fast! I wish I had the gumption for gardening!I can’t even keep flowers alive 😦

  3. Morgan

    How fun with the little tomatoes! And all that lettuce looks wonderful. Enjoy!

  4. great shots! what camera and lens are you using?

  5. lwuertz

    Just my Canon Powershot G5 (a “prosumer” camera) with the basic lens. 🙂 I really want an SLR though. This camera works great in natural light settings, but has trouble focusing in other situations. I’ve been really working on it, but even now that I know how to do the white balance and a few other little tricks it has some major drawbacks including a horrible lag time which isn’t so great for a baby on the move.

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