Week Thirty Five

I made it out to the car and got my camera this week…

Pictures still aren’t the greatest, but maybe that will be changing soon since I just ordered myself a Canon Rebel XSi. My dad has this points driven commision thing through his work and he can use the points to “buy” different things. Anyway, the camera is supposed to be my birthday present. The site it says it could take 2-3 weeks for the redeeming to clear. Then that baby is mine all mine! Until then this camera will have to do.

Bean, you will notice, is not wearing any clothes. That is because of a massive laundry undertaking going on right now before we leave to go to Tahoe for my sister’s wedding. Unlike our San Diego trip, I refused to come back to piles of dirty laundry and diapers.

I like the no clothes look though, I can see all those sweet chubby rolls better. 🙂



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2 responses to “Week Thirty Five

  1. Congrats on the Canon! I have the Xti, and my sis-in-law has the Xsi… you will LOVE IT. The one thing I would suggest is getting the 50 fixed lens for good inside pictures. I keep it on all the time, and for only 80 bucks, it was a GREAT deal. I love that I can really focus on one thing and that I seriously never have to use my flash inside because it has such a low apperature. Anyway, congrats again on the camera! I bet you are in agony waiting for it to come!

  2. lwuertz

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for the lense suggestion! I will keep that in mind. I am so excited to have that camera in my little hands.

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