Somewhat disturbing

This is what happens when you get morning sickness and neglect your garden and then go on a trip for four days and leave your garden to its own devices.

Hello three foot lettuce.

I do have lots and lots of little green tomatoes though so hopefully they won’t take much work and I can enjoy them in a few weeks.

Also what happens when you have morning sickness?

Not working out, that’s what. I think I worked out a whole 4 days of Steph’s challenge.

Even more disturbing…

No, I’m not talking about the unkempt eyebrows, though that is a horrid side effect of the morning sickness. See all that red blotchiness? That would be broken blood vessels. They are all over my face. That should give you some idea of the sheer force that went into vomiting my dinner Saturday night on the side of NV-28 in Lake Tahoe.

At least Stephen has learned his lesson about pulling over when I tell him that I’m going to puke.

My sister’s wedding was lovely, but I let the professionals do their thing and didn’t get in the way. So you’ll have to wait until I can snatch some pictures up from other people to see how beautiful everything was.


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6 responses to “Somewhat disturbing

  1. Leslie

    tell paula congrats! I’m sorry about the red splotches… my hubby get them when ever he throws up… the first time I thought he had some crazy rash 🙂

  2. Your poor thing! I had aweful morning sickness like that with Peyton also =( I know all about the broken blood vessels, it sucks! Just remember that there is an end in sight dear … it will all be over soon and you will have another precious and amazing little child like Bean =) XOXO keeping you in my prayers!

  3. Looks like salads this week, eh? Hopefully you’re not having an iversion to vegetables, I hear that’s common…

    And yuck for the morning sickness! But I hope you’re still feeling semi-good…at least compared to last time?

  4. lwuertz

    Yes, much better than last time.

    Actually, since the lettuce went to seed we won’t be able to eat it now, it’s super bitter. 😦

  5. GrandmaTiger

    Vit E caps for the blood vessels, cut open put the straight vit oil on any splotches, and good for stretch marks too – did I tell you that with Bean? Loved being with everybody, will upload pics as soon as I figure out setting up a picasa page.

  6. Man, morning sickness just plain sucks!

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