Week Thirty Six

Our daughter is a climbing, standing, and crawling pro. I’m sure she’ll be walking in no time. And when I say climbing pro, I mean it. She has to climb on anything and everything these days: me, the stroller in the livingroom, the stairs, the windows, the furniture, her bed, the rocking horse, papa’s guitar equipment, etc.


-Dixie Chicks (I’m not even kidding. She will actually sort of hum along to the CD and it will calm her down if she’s having a rough time in the car.)
-yogurt (make that love)
-The 10 Color Book
-Papa (This girl is totally in love with him. If he leaves the room she cries. I don’t usually elicit the same response, sad to say.)
-Toys that make music and most music in general
-Shredding things
-Techological items such as cell phones, cameras, lap tops, remote controls.
Lately she’s been giving us pretty constant narration during her waking hours. It goes a little something like this…


-Being cooped up in the car all day long
-The Hot Hot Heat CD we have. Every time it comes on in the car she freaks out.
-Bananas & Avacados (she’s allergic to avacados anyway)
-Being told she can’t chew on my toes, shoes, reciepts and other random objects she is obsessed with lately
-When you take a water bottle or an apple wedge away from her.

She can also melt into a puddle of tears lately like nobody’s business over some of the silliest things. I think she’s just becoming more aware of the world around her and her limitations.

She’s usually pretty happy and silly though which we love.


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One response to “Week Thirty Six

  1. Ruth

    She’s so grown up! And so cute. 🙂

    Oh, and this: “She can also melt into a puddle of tears lately like nobody’s business over some of the silliest things” ……all I can say is welcome to the world of raising little girls. It NEVER ends. 😀

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