Week Thirty Seven

These pictures in no way capture her mood today which is quite silly, but they were the only ones that didn’t come out blurred. I hate this camera. Still waiting on the new one.

I am in the midst of an experiment with Bean. I noticed that ever since I decided that I “needed” to get serious about feeding her solid foods and began replacing nursing times with solid meals that I have felt absolutely awful. I went from easy peasy pregnancy to throwing up and dry heaving a few times a day. While it doesn’t compare to last time around, it is still pretty miserable. So yesterday, I only fed her one solid meal and breastfed her the rest of the day. I think it will probably take a few days to see an impact. Yesterday I threw up three times. It was awful. But I think my body was probably still responding to what went on with it the day before. The day before I had only breastfed 3 times the whole day. Today I woke up feeling great. Well not great, but definitely better than I have been feeling.

I was slightly worried at first that this experiment is selfish. I mean I am choosing to breastfeed more for selfish reasons: so I don’t feel pukey. But the more I think about it, I really don’t think it is selfish. When I am not throwing up several times a day I am able to be a better mommy to Bean. I can play with her and sing her songs, I am up to making sure she isn’t getting into things that she shouldn’t be, my temperament is much more calm when dealing with her and whole host of other things that are completely different when I am not feeling like crap. And I know several moms who HAD to exclusively breastfeed their kids for much longer than I have with Bean because their kids simply would not have anything to do with solid food.

So that is my experiement for the next week or so. If I do feel better than I think I am going to wait until I am 14 weeks along in my pregnancy before trying to get “serious” about solid foods with her again. This is because when I was pregnant with Bean I felt much better at around 14 weeks.

And in all honesty Bean doesn’t seem to show any signs of displeasure at this experiment. The kid loves Mama’s milk a whole lot more than pureed fruits, veggies and rice cereal.


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2 responses to “Week Thirty Seven

  1. LOL – that’s so not selfish. You couldn’t force her to nurse if you tried. I’m sure she isn’t minding your experiment a bit. 😉 Besides, 3 nursings a day for a baby her age is not much at all. Canaan is 2 years 4 months and nurses twice that at least.

  2. The more breastmilk she gets, the healthier she’ll be… how is that selfish? 🙂

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