Done and done.

You know that episode of The Office where Ryan says he set up a blog for Creed, only its actually just a Word document because “no one needs to be exposed to” the inside of Creed’s brain?

Well, after some thinking today I’ve decided that is where about 90% of the thoughts I communicate on here belong. In a Word document on my private computer for my eyes only.

It isn’t because of the last blog I wrote. It isn’t because of responses I’ve gotten. Well, I suppose those things sort of opened my eyes to the way I was comming off to others.

And Stephen has nothing to do with it this time either.

Anyway, I just think that most of what I say on here shouldn’t be for public consumption.

I’m not going to be rash about this and just delete everything. I’m slowly in the process of moving all of my posts into Word and then deleting them. They won’t be gone forever.

For those of you in our family that feel that this is your only window into our lives, don’t worry. I intend to start sending out Wuertz Family update e-mails once again. Though these might not be as crazy sounding or friend bashing. Probably a little less drama and a little more boring if you’re into that sort of thing. Plus I’ll still be on Facebook and put photos up on there.

So that’s that. I’m just done.



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8 responses to “Done and done.

  1. crystal

    😦 I hope you still write occasionally, I love your perspective on things?

  2. Leslie

    I’m so sad! I enjoy reading your blog every week. But I guess some people overreact to things that don’t even involve them half the time. I love seeing how Bean is growing all the time and I take in all the advice you give because one day I hope to have my own little family; and I am inspired by your ability to practically raise a green baby…

    ❤ Leslie

    Good luck with your thoughts!!! 🙂

  3. Oh I will miss your posts! I don’t think anyone would miss mine. But you are a good writer! : ) I hope you didn’t take my comment as if it were a negative one…I really meant it in as a positive one. I haven’t found anything wrong with your posts. I was just sharing what I have found about parenting. It is hard. There is nothing wrong with needing privacy. Privacy is good.

    Anyways, may God’s peace and joy be with you and your family.


  4. Lisa, I’ve been terrible about leaving comments on blogs here lately, but I wanted to say I am sad to see you go. I really enjoyed reading about your family and your thoughts on things. Stay in touch and keep me posted on your pregnancy and little Miss Bean. 🙂

  5. Paula

    i agree that some things are better left to the privacy of a tight inner-circle but can you just do half and half?

    half private thoughts for Word and half life adventures / things you’re learning for the blog?

    i do admire your world lisa, and your ability to express it to everyone in your blog-o-sphere.

  6. I agree totally with Paula. Write your private thoughts in Word, but keep on sharing with us here. I would miss you too much!

  7. I would miss you too!! I know I’m a horrible commenter lately, but I do read your posts faithfully. I hope you can find some middle ground, for all our sakes 🙂

  8. aw, I see you already took down your other posts, before I could comment on them. Well, I will just have to write you a note instead. That’ll be more fun anyway. 🙂

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