Obesity in America

This weekend when we got our box of AH produce, I was once again intrigued by the newsletter that accompanied it. This happens to me almost every week even though I will admit to not agreeing 100 percent with everything he has to say. In light of this headline I saw this morning on my iGoogle page, I think the following excerpt from the newsletter is really interesting:

We talked a few weeks back about the necessity of soil microbes to digest and make available to crop roots the various natural minerals our bodies need for proper functioning and how 60lbs of synthetic fertilizer (most growers would use 80-120lbs at a time) is a lethal dose to most of the more efficient microbes. Well, this sterilizing of the soil with commercial “N” (nitrogen) is responsible for the major reduction in nutritional value in conventionally grown whole fruits and vegetables over the past 60 years. When soil ceases to be a thriving, living organism, it ceases to give us the nurtrition we need to thrive! Some would say conventional produce has lost 40-60% of its nutritional value, but for arguments sake, what if we took a really safe number like 20%. Now stay with me here. If our body needs just 20% more food until it’s nutritionally satisfied and turns off the “feed me” switch; that all by itself explains the obesity problem we’re “suddenly” confronted with as a nation. Okay, so we buy energy from people who don’t much like us. Not sustainable! We turn it into synthetic fertilizer to feed us and our livestock nutritionally inferior crops. NOT SUSTAINABLE!! Then we overload the medical folks with all kinds of nutritionally preventable maladies. REALLY NOT SUSTAINABLE!!! The solution is so simple and so sustainable that man’s employed it throughout history. Biological fertility gives us everything we need to produce delicious, nutritious exciting food. We’re not elitists or snobs and we wouldn’t force others to do it our way, we’re just sustainably healthy and happy and anyone who’d like to quit being sick and grumpy is welcome to join us.


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3 responses to “Obesity in America

  1. Morgan

    I totally love it. It’s so true, too. I read a great book, ‘Real Food’ by Nina Planck and it goes into the same kinda things. We’re literally killing ourselves with our mass produced industrial “food” that doesn’t even taste good. Blah.

  2. Ruth

    He always cracks me up. And it’s so interesting to get perspective from someone who has had their hands in the dirt and has actually seen what happens behind the scenes at farms.

    Morgan, I have heard about that book from a few different people, it is definitely going on my to-read list!

  3. GrandmaTiger

    An oldie but a goodie is also “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson, from way back in 1962, still very relevant today. Just because we don’t use DDT anymore does NOT mean that the pesticides we DO use are safe, I work in the ag industry and we just had a “safety training” alerting us to what sort of things we are exposed to when the spray-ops crews are running. Our whole staff is probably going to be getting “baseline blood tests” so the dr’s can tell if anyone gets an “excessive” dose of this stuff… so who says what’s excessive? In twenty years, I really hope I am not gasping (my boss’s name) into an oxygen mask accompanied by curse words….

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