Cabled Jungle Blanket

If you’ve lost count along the way, I have several projects currently in the works. There is Bean’s big girl quilt, which I am happy to say I have 8 rows of squares done on that one. There is the blue sweater with bird buttons that I was really excited about and then fizzled out when it came time to do the sleeves. Then there is the Men’s Zipped Raglan from Last Minute Knitted gifts that I started after the blue sweater fizzle.

If that isn’t enough I still have yarn purchased and picked out for two projects that I was supposed to turn into Christmas projects.

And then there is the latest thing that has caught my fancy. Latest in that I’ve just picked it up again, that is. About a month after Bean was born my sister and I headed to Michael’s to pick out some yarn for me to knit a baby blanket that she was going to give her friend that was due in January. I told her I might be a bit late on the project since I had all those Christmas presents to do. I’ll freely admit now that I got in way over my head with this project and my Christmas knitting projects just months after having a baby. It was kind of stupid.

The other day I saw the start of the blanket just sitting there in a pile up in the guest/craft room and I got a big urge to finish it. Except that for some reason when I started it, I decided that I was going to knit this entire blanket in garter stitch. Which is pretty much the most boring thing ever. So I ripped it out and decided that I needed something a little more exciting to keep me going on the thing. I came up with an idea for a cable sampler. I am going to knit the blanket in strips. Each strip will be a different color and have 1 of 3 cable patterns. Then I’ll stitch all the strips together and the blanket will be classic comfy perfection. I’ve got about 1.5 strips done so far.

As a crafter with many outlets for my creativity I’ve always wanted to do a project that combined several of the things I know how to do. Since the wrong side of a cable knit isn’t very pleasing to the eye, I decided that this blanket needed a fabric backing and that I would also bind it with some quilt binding to give it a very finished and hopefully somewhat professional look.

As I understand it, the boy’s room is jungle themed. When I went to JoAnn’s the other day I was very dissappointed in their selection of jungle print fabrics. So I went home and searched online only to find the same prints there. Grr. I figured I could just settle for one of the prints and it would work, but not be exactly what I had in mind. Somehow I completely missed this fun little print though in my last look and I was so excited to find it today:

It’s pretty much exactly what I had in mind. I am so excited about it. And just for fun here’s a crappy picture of all the materials together:

Now if I could only finish the thing. We’ll see. Hopefully I can at least get it done before his first birthday.


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  1. Woah- that is going to be beautiful Lisa!

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