Blanket update

I figure if I keep blogging about this project, maybe I’ll keep working on it. Actually, I’m hoping to get quite a bit of time in on all my knitting projects next week when we are on our family vacation. There will be plenty of people around to entertain Bean so I don’t have to worry about her getting tangled in yarn, poking her eyes out with my needles and all the other lovely things she likes to do with my knitting projects and notions. I’ve even contemplated bringing up my sewing machine and quilt pieces, but I’m sure Stephen would have objections to us hauling all of that up there.

This Mammoth trip (it is a tri-annual thing for my husband’s family) will be quite different for us I think. First there is the Bean factor, so Stephen says fishing is out unless we have a babysitter. Then the pregnant factor which means no big hikes, not that I was much of a big hiker in the first place (I about died on the ity bity 4 mile one to Devil’s Postpile 6 years ago). So personally, I’m envisioning lots of lounging around reading and knitting with some mild excursions into the great outdoors and lots of family time of course.

Anyway, back to the blanket. I’ve got three rows finished!

The blue strips will be in the same cable pattern as the green ones. The white strips with the Celtic knot cable are probably going to be the death of me because they require cable stitch manipulation on every. single. right side. row. But I’m only making two of them so I’m halfway done with that masochism and it really does look good next to the more traditional cables. That’s about it on the blanket for now. Weekly Bean update coming later today.

Oh and again I would like to point out that this blanket is for my sister’s friend. I am not predicting the sex of my unborn child with this blanket. I am not preparing for a boy. I don’t know what we are having and actually have absolutely no inclinations one way or another this time around. We’ve decided to go ahead and do the “big” halfway point ultrasound, but we are still undecided as to whether or not we’ll find out what we are having this time around. Anyway, just wanted to clear the air there for a minute in case any of you may be confused.


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5 responses to “Blanket update

  1. Morgan

    What a great blanket, those cables are lovely. My first time I decided to do cables was on double pointed needles for socks. Yeah, not sure what I was thinking with that one! But I survived and have a lovely pair of cabled footies to keep me warm here.

    And yeah for Mammoth! I’m so excited. I need to get my knitting projects together. I’m definitely envisioning lost of down time as well so we’ll all just sit around and knit and do NOTHING!!!

  2. Oh, this is just gorgeous!!

  3. it is going to be a lovely blanket!

  4. MAN Lisa- you are doing such an awesome job. Your attention to detail REALLY shows.

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