Week Forty Nine (a day early)

So two big things in the world of Bean this week.

First, and most exciting is that she’s walking! Well… sorta. She still has to be coaxed to do it and the most she’s gone is maybe five steps, but she’s getting there. She’s been walking around the house using us or furniture for stabilization for a few months now, but she had no interest in trying to take any steps without holding on. Well Friday night, my brother-in-law brought over Bean’s cousins and I think seeing them running around just inspired her because she randomly took two steps that night without any coaxing. Since then I’ve been trying to practice a little each day. Having a toy she wants really helps.

And this is definitely one moment that I wish I still had video capabilities because pictures don’t quite do it justice, but here they are in a pretty lame slideshow anyway:

The other thing that is going on is a bit controversial I guess, but that’s to be expected with me, right? For the past, I don’t know, two months or so Bean has been biting me like crazy during nursing. Well, actually we’ve always had a problem with this, but she’s got teeth now and so it REALLY is an issue. I have seriously tried everything from giving her teething medicine prior to nursing, giving her a teething ring to chew on when she bites, the pulling her in trick so she can’t breathe and has to open her mouth, flicking, breaking suction, breaking suction and saying, “no bite” and placing her on the floor to cry a bit, etc. Basically, if there is a tip on the Internet for what what to do about this, I’ve read about it and tried it. I guess the most effective thing has been the last one I mentioned, but even then it’s like I can’t get through a single nursing session anymore without some serious teeth marks! I know she’s definitely still interested in nursing, but I just really can’t deal with the biting anymore. It’s far too painful and frustrating.

So, I’ve decided to start the weaning process (well technically I know that the weaning process starts the day you give them any kind of nourishment other than breastmilk). I’m going to go slow. I’ve already had her down to 4-5 sessions a day for some time now (morning, before both naps, sometimes an extra snack in the afternoon, and bedtime). The worst one at this point is always first thing in the morning. I think she’s so hungry that she just doesn’t quite know how to control herself. And it definitely isn’t a particularly great way for us to start our day. Today that was the first feed to go and then I’m just going to eliminate one session a week over the next month. The next one will probably be bedtime because that is the second worse for the biting incidents. I really feel very emotional about the whole thing. This certainly isn’t how I pictured things ending or even when I pictured things ending, but it is what it is. Bean really didn’t seem to mind though that she had Joe’s Os and yogurt for breakfast instead of breastmilk, so I guess that’s a good thing. She hasn’t been extra clingy or anything like that, but it is only the first day. So we’ll see how it goes…


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6 responses to “Week Forty Nine (a day early)

  1. whew, good luck with the weaning! Thankfully, I didn’t have to go through that one because I hear it can be tough… Maddie just lost interest in me and I dried up SO freaking fast. I am so proud and impressed you lasted this long!

    And look at that girl go! Walking is both terrifying and exciting, isn’t it? haha

  2. Good luck! Hopfully she’ll stop biting and you can continue nursing a couple times per day still. William never really bit me so I didn’t have to deal with that. He nurses 2-3 times per day now and I’m so glad that he still does. Being able to nurse him when he’s upset or over-tired has made things a lot easier than they would be otherwise.

    I hope whatever happens it goes smoothly! 🙂

  3. lwuertz

    Cara, I hope so too. I don’t want to stop. I mean, not for my own benefit or anything, but I always thought we’d do the child led approach and I’d just let her stop when she was ready.

  4. Barbie

    Wow, what a big girl! And as far as the weaning goes…she’ll be fine…and so will you. I’m sure it’ll be difficult for a little while though. I remember being sad when I weaned Aubrey, like the ending of an era, but really the sadness passed quickly and we moved on to different milestones. She pretty much weaned herself at 16 months because she liked food too much and I don’t think my milk supply was fulfilling her. Good luck though.

  5. lovelearnandlive

    Lisa, I don’t have much advice to give re: weaning because Lizzie just kind of went along with what I did and we never had any issues. Hopefully when you introduce milk she will take to it easily, she’s already a sippy cup champ so you are partway there. Maybe you will at least be able to keep her pre-nap and pre-bedtime nursing sessions for a while, is she less likely to bite when she is sleepy?

    That is so exciting that she is walking!!! Can’t wait to see her takes some steps. Those first ones are always so much fun. 😀

  6. I’m impressed that you’ve lasted this long too nursing Jillian, being pregnant and everything! I hope it works out great for both of you… the biting thing is NO FUN, for sure. Ouch.
    The longest I’ve ever made it nursing is 8 months, with Emma. My girls would lose interest in it and it became a battle to try to feed them. And I was ok with that, in all honesty, because I was usually ready to be done anyway. 🙂

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