10 things I learned in 10 days

1. Older kids are much more fun, but also much more drama.
2. I love having a lot of activities and a schedule to fill up my time. It keeps me focused and I get way more done than when I have “nothing” to do. Despite running around a lot, I managed to get a ton of laundry done, cook dinner 9 out of the 10 nights (a traffic jam on Friday night made a stop at In-N-Out necessary), work on my knitting project and write a few blog posts.
3. Bean really likes her cousins and being around other kids.
4. It is hard to remember to remind kids about basic hygiene until you have a stinky, bad-breath kid wanting to cuddle.
5. My “Gourmet Lisa” cooking is not kid friendly. The only nights they ate without a fight were when I made pizza and when we had In-N-Out.
6. Three kids really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I’m certainly feeling confident and prepared for two. After the ten days though Stephen says two is definitely more than enough.
7. I’m quite thankful that Bean is still in diapers. I think it is honestly much easier to deal with changing diapers than cleaning up missed potty accidents and planning your whole day around making sure everyone makes it to the potty.
8. Five- and three-year-olds really think bathroom humor is funny. Even girls. I don’t remember hearing the words “fart,” “bottom,” “boob(s),” “poo-poo,” and “pee” followed by hysterical giggling so much in my life.
9. It is a good idea to have someone else apply sunscreen to your back and shoulders for you. I now have a pretty hilarious tan line featuring a white hand print on either shoulder and the outline of the tank top I wore to “Lizzie’s” soccer game.
10. Even when the schedule doesn’t mention bringing something to drink, a snack and something to do, you should do it anyway. Otherwise about 10 minutes in you will be getting, “I’m hungry/thirsty/bored” and “Why is her class taking so long?”


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4 responses to “10 things I learned in 10 days

  1. Ruth

    Haha! Sorry about the bathroom humor, for some reason it has increased exponentially over the last couple of months. I agree with you about the full schedule, I need something to force me to get up and dressed in the morning and keep me on my feet. I’m glad that you weren’t overwhelmed, and I am amazed that you did so well with the three kids and Stephen so busy with work. You two are really a blessing to us!! When you are ready to plan some time away just let me know. 🙂 Maybe you guys can get a night away in before baby boy gets here??

    You are right about the potty stuff, I have gotten in the mode of requiring potty breaks before every nap, bedtime, and car trip because inevitably the times I don’t think they are necessary we end up having to find a gas station or have an accident.

    Off to deal with some more drama….. 😉

  2. Oi, the NEVER ENDING drinks and snacks…get used to it. It’s pretty much my life. Though I am trying to limit snacks much more these days, that way they eat my dinners even if they aren’t yummy(according to kid’s standards, of course).

    and yes, potty humor goes a long way around here too:)

  3. LOL… I’m all too familiar with those lessons. 🙂

    And I LOVE the blanket you knitted!

  4. grandmatiger

    Now you know why I cooked the way I did – you would all eat most of the time, it was mainly relatively bland, but it worked. It’s how I ate growing up, it was what worked for me as a very picky eater. Drove your Dad up the wall though, he hated it – which is why we’d fight about him putting salsa in EVERYTHING, BBQ sauce, jalapenos inside the deep-pit turkey, etc.

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