Because I just can’t thank them enough!

Things just got a little more gourmet in the official “Gourmet Lisa” kitchen and I am so excited about it!


Today I was putting together dinner, split pea soup to be exact, trying to hack my way through a ham steak, shallots and some celery with one of two very dull knives that I own. Upon almost slicing my pinky finger off because my dull knife can’t handle the shallots I am contemplating how in the world I can convince Stephen to let me get one or two nice knives. How in the world I can convince him that I “need” these knives?

I have to admit that one of the small joys of babysitting my nieces a couple weeks ago was all their parents’ great kitchen gear, including a very nice set of Wüsthof knives. Now, I knew my knives were dull, but I didn’t realize just how dull until using their knives. Two days in I was completely smitten and told them so.

I was just stirring the ingredients together when there is a knock at my door and a giant package from Crate & Barrel is sitting on my doormat. Confused, I called Stephen,
“Did you order something from Crate & Barrel?”
“Well, we just got a giant package from them addressed to us.”
“I don’t know. Maybe somebody ordered something off our old wedding registry?”
“I don’t think it even exists anymore. That was like six years ago.”
“Well maybe my mom?”
“I don’t know.”

So I start tearing into the box to find a card…

And this…

For those of you that can’t tell, that would be a cutting board, knife sharpener, knife block and FIVE Wüsthof knives!

So thank you, thank you, thank you Ruth and Eric! I am completely giddy over this really awesome surprise!


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7 responses to “Because I just can’t thank them enough!

  1. Paula

    awwww! that’s so amazing!

  2. Wow nice!!!! I really need some better knives too. Yay!

  3. Ruth

    Lisa, it was all Eric’s doing. 🙂 We were cracking up reading this, especially the part about you wondering about asking for new knives and the box showing up at the door. Hahaha! Happy chopping!

  4. WOW!! That’s wonderful!

  5. Leslie

    Yay for you!!1 I love Wustof! We sell them at Williams Sonoma and I have a couple. They are AMAZING, always so sharp and pretty. I didn’t know how bad mine were until I bought one of them! The sharpener is nice too!

  6. grandmatiger

    Dull knives are THE most dangerous objects in the world, you are far more likely to get cut accidentally by a dull knife than a sharp one! I am so glad you have new ones!

  7. Wow, that’s AMAZING! What a fantastic and perfect gift! Especially for you, who will appreciate and use them so much. I’m really quite thrilled for you. What you say is so true– good knives really do make a HUGE difference when it comes to cooking! Yay!! 🙂

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