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25 weeks…

OK, I am officially huge. And I still have 15ish weeks to go. AAAAaaaaah!

Do you see my awful hair? Well, I took my crunchy, no-makeup self to Sephora and got their advice and they said to try this wave defining spray. It is supposed to define the waves without giving me the hard hold 90s gelled out perm look and control the frizz without making my head a grease ball. At $25 a bottle the stuff better work.

Also, do you see my belly button sticking out!? First of all the thing is way the heck down there and second of all that did not happen with Bean until somewhere around the last few weeks of pregnancy. Very weird. And now I kind of want to get some of those belly button hider things that Megan blogged about a really long time ago.

So, in other words, it is possible to be a little vain and be crunchy granola. The end.


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I’m surviving!

I told my sister-in-law before she left that I was actually kind of excited about this whole babysitting thing because it would give me tons of stuff to do. Have there been disgruntled siblings? Of course. Have there been missed potty accidents to clean up? Mmmhmmm. While it can be a little challenging (especially when a certain 5 year old thinks she’s the one actually in charge), it has really been a lot of fun.

For one thing, at night when I make dinner it actually makes my life a little easier because I have two wonderful entertainers for Bean. Usually, I either have a really fussy baby confined to her walker/high chair or I am picking up and carrying her out of the kitchen and over to her toys every five minutes.

My sister-in-law is one of the most organized people I know, so that has made my life especially easy. Everything is outlined perfectly for me in a very neat schedule complete with tips for various activities and outings.

Furthermore, she’s got a great network of friends and family so the girls are also hanging out with tons of other people throughout the vacation. It always seems like just when I’m getting sick of another round of “negotiations” over whether or not to play dress up, we’re off to the next activity or the girls are off to spend time with someone else.

Yesterday I took the girls to the beach for a couple hours and they had so much fun running from the waves, chasing seagulls and playing in the sand.

So I think we’ll definitely be doing this activity again sometime next week.

And then today “Lizzie” had her first soccer game.

We walked to the park, which I realized was somewhat of a mistake after I was already there, completely out of breath and having some serious Braxton Hicks. So I called up Stephen to work out having him pick us up sometime after the game in the van. He finished up work, drove out to Simi to get our AH veggies, stopped by the house to get our van, then met us at the park. In the meantime, we further supported the AYSO by eating lunch from the concession stand. Then we killed more time on the playground equipment.

Oh and my youngest niece, “Half-pint” is completely fearless, by the way:

She was even trying to jump into the sand pit from fairly high up on the equipment (NO!!!) and do those big hanging ring/monkey bar things at one point. When I took her to gymnastics yesterday, the coach was telling me about this one time that she climbed up the fire-escape ladder on the side of the giant industrial complex that houses all their equipment. The extended park time was great though because Half-pint took a two and a half hour nap when we got back. Yes!


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Darn those buns!

Recently, Megan’s mom, Susan, was completely smitten with the knitted diaper covers featured on this photography blog. She of course had visions of her sweet granddaughter in a girly blush pink knitted diaper cover. So, she asked if it would be possible for me to knit one for little Miss Kate. Seeing as I have not knit anything for Kate yet (I knit Christian a blanket way back when I first started knitting), I was all too happy to oblige her.

I scoured Ravelry for some patterns. I was not too impressed (seriously people choose some really ugly yarns sometimes and it really ruins the whole vision of the project for me), but passed my findings along to Susan to see if something appealed to her or offered to come up with my own design using Bean as a model.

Well Susan really liked a super girly, ruffle-legged diaper cover pattern I found. Despite the weird tie-die blue and green yarn the person chose for it, she was able to do more than me and envision it in a beautiful solid pink hue that would highlight all the right features of the pattern. However, I cast on and discovered that not only would the thing be way too huge, but that it was using up way too much yarn for something so tiny. I scrapped the pattern and came up with my own using some of the ideas from the other pattern and used a pair of fabric bloomers from Bean’s closet to approximate sizing.

Pattern: My own that I did not write down.
Made for: Kate
Needles: US 8 rosewood straights, US 6 bamboo DPNs
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton in Rose, 1 skein
Started: August 26, 2009
Completed: August 26, 2009

It was so quick and fun that I decided to make a second pair that was more like one of the ones featured on the photography blog with some different yarn.

Pattern: My own that I did not write down.
Made for: Kate
Needles: US 8 rosewood straights, US 15 plastic straights
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Boston Rose, less than one skein
Started: August 26, 2009
Completed: August 27, 2009

I love the results and can’t wait to see Miss Kate in them. For now though, I’m satisfied with these photos I got of Bean modeling them prior to shipment:


By the way, I’ve been absolutely DYING over here waiting to show off these photos and the projects ever since completion. I am seriously horrible at keeping secrets and this was very, very hard for me.

Oh and the title of this post is something Megan used to say all. the. time. I felt it was appropriate. 🙂


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This should make up for the next 10 days or so…

I have so much to write about, I guess I’ll try and start from a beginning of sorts… my jam packed Labor Day weekend.

Friday afternoon Stephen got off work early and we packed up the van to head to Bakersfield. We barely made it in time for our hair cut appointments with our favorite hair guy.

Then we headed over to the Bakersfield Museum of Art for my best friend’s wedding rehearsal followed by dinner at the Bakersfield favorite, La Costa. We definitely got to sit at the cool table that night and met some really interesting people that were also in the wedding party. After that we went to Target for some random stuff like another sippy cup for Bean because I forgot to bring any with us. Then we finally got to Stephen’s parent’s house to crash for the night.

The next morning we hung out for a little while then went to the mall to get my friend a wedding gift. I am the queen of last minute things lately. Then back to the house so my sister could do my hair before I headed over to the museum. During this time Stephen’s mom was playing with Bean and threw out her back trying to be silly with her. Stephen dropped me off at the museum where I got ready with the bride and did the picture thing.

Oh and pretty crazy was the fact that my best friend had chosen the same dress I did for her wedding day that I had worn almost to the day six years ago (our anniversary was the next day). It was very surreal for me seeing her in the dress, especially on my anniversary.

Stephen came back dressed up with Jillian and the wedding started. The ceremony was beautiful and fun. We did more pictures then had some yummy food. Pretty much everyone in the room has some connection to the news industry and a couple of our newsie friends made an awesome “news story” video about the couple. Then they shared their first dance.

And just minutes after this photo was taken…

Bean went into total meltdown mode because it was about 2.5 hours past her bedtime. So we had to cut out of the wedding a little early.

The next day we got up bright and early to head to Sequoia National Forest to do a little “hiking” (the path was paved and very flat) on our anniversary.

The last time I visited Sequoia was about 15 years ago, but Stephen had never been. The place has completely changed since I was last there so it was very unfamiliar and a little disorienting to me because I can still visualize the old parking lot and visitor center which have all been ripped out to make things better for the environment. There were mobs of people in the park that day. We couldn’t even get a parking space over by the General Sherman Tree hike so we just headed out of the park.

We drove to Fresno to hang out with our good friends Paul and Brooke (both were in our wedding and it was Brooke’s birthday). They made us dinner and as usual our time with them flew by with great conversations about church, politics, life, careers, parenting and all kinds of other stuff. I so wish they lived closer again because that used to be a weekly to monthly occurance with them and I miss it so much! We drove back to Bakersfield late that night.

Monday we went out meet up with our renter and see our house before heading back home. We got everything unpacked, started laundry and then headed over to my sister-in-law’s house to work out details of what will be occupying the next 10 days…

Since my MIL threw her back out, she won’t be able to watch Bean’s cousins while their parents are in Norway. So we volunteered to take up that task. I’m actually kind of excited about it. Ruth is quite the extraordinary planner and as such watching her girls will be busy, but organized and full of fun. 🙂

Anyway, I doubt I’ll be posting much (or maybe I will, who knows) and wanted to explain my absence before dropping off the the radar.

Oh and a couple more things…

I am still slowly working on the boy blanket for my sister’s friend. I’ve got all the knitting done, just sewing the panels together now and then on to the backing and border…

I totally love it and might be tempted to keep it for our baby boy. 🙂

Also, Bean will be 50 weeks old tomorrow…

Her appetite is still ridiculous and as such she has decided that the snack trap is her new BFF. She is very posessive of the snack trap, so even when I take it away to refill it, this is what happens:

Dropping the morning feeding has made things so much better around here. I’m still dealing with biting, but not nearly as much. So I’m debating whether to drop another feeding this week or just keep working on the biting issue with the ones that remain.

She’s also getting a little braver with walking. Last night she took a few steps without even being coaxed to do so! She also seems to prefer it, at least while holding on to stuff for now, over crawling the last couple days. So I know she’s right on the cusp of being a full time walker.

Anyway, that about sums things up.


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Week Forty Nine (a day early)

So two big things in the world of Bean this week.

First, and most exciting is that she’s walking! Well… sorta. She still has to be coaxed to do it and the most she’s gone is maybe five steps, but she’s getting there. She’s been walking around the house using us or furniture for stabilization for a few months now, but she had no interest in trying to take any steps without holding on. Well Friday night, my brother-in-law brought over Bean’s cousins and I think seeing them running around just inspired her because she randomly took two steps that night without any coaxing. Since then I’ve been trying to practice a little each day. Having a toy she wants really helps.

And this is definitely one moment that I wish I still had video capabilities because pictures don’t quite do it justice, but here they are in a pretty lame slideshow anyway:

The other thing that is going on is a bit controversial I guess, but that’s to be expected with me, right? For the past, I don’t know, two months or so Bean has been biting me like crazy during nursing. Well, actually we’ve always had a problem with this, but she’s got teeth now and so it REALLY is an issue. I have seriously tried everything from giving her teething medicine prior to nursing, giving her a teething ring to chew on when she bites, the pulling her in trick so she can’t breathe and has to open her mouth, flicking, breaking suction, breaking suction and saying, “no bite” and placing her on the floor to cry a bit, etc. Basically, if there is a tip on the Internet for what what to do about this, I’ve read about it and tried it. I guess the most effective thing has been the last one I mentioned, but even then it’s like I can’t get through a single nursing session anymore without some serious teeth marks! I know she’s definitely still interested in nursing, but I just really can’t deal with the biting anymore. It’s far too painful and frustrating.

So, I’ve decided to start the weaning process (well technically I know that the weaning process starts the day you give them any kind of nourishment other than breastmilk). I’m going to go slow. I’ve already had her down to 4-5 sessions a day for some time now (morning, before both naps, sometimes an extra snack in the afternoon, and bedtime). The worst one at this point is always first thing in the morning. I think she’s so hungry that she just doesn’t quite know how to control herself. And it definitely isn’t a particularly great way for us to start our day. Today that was the first feed to go and then I’m just going to eliminate one session a week over the next month. The next one will probably be bedtime because that is the second worse for the biting incidents. I really feel very emotional about the whole thing. This certainly isn’t how I pictured things ending or even when I pictured things ending, but it is what it is. Bean really didn’t seem to mind though that she had Joe’s Os and yogurt for breakfast instead of breastmilk, so I guess that’s a good thing. She hasn’t been extra clingy or anything like that, but it is only the first day. So we’ll see how it goes…


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