Some creepy 3D ultrasound pictures…

So I had an ultrasound yesterday. I guess I’m not like all the cool, want-to-peek-at-my-child-every-chance-I-get-before-he’s-born kind of moms and almost opted out of this one. But then I had a weird dream the other night that I wound up having a girl instead and our whole family was mad at me. And they were demanding that I get pregnant again. It was pretty ridiculous, but I was crying when I woke up. So I kept the appointment.

The “protrusion,” as the ultrasound tech put it, was still there. I guess that means I can sleep soundly now because we’re still having a boy.

I also find the 3D ultrasound pictures to be pretty creepy looking. But it was all part of the exam yesterday and before I knew it 4 pictures of his face and hand that he would not move away from his face were thrust into my hands compliments of the perinatologist’s office.

Also, I have a nickname/blog alias for the boy: Sprout. My mom first suggested it and then another friend did too. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to really go with a vegetable theme (particularly since Bean’s nickname comes from the shorter version of her real nickname which is a derivative of jellybean and has nothing to do with the other kind of beans) so I asked my Facebook friends for input, but nothing they suggested was really much better or anything all my friends hadn’t used before (like peanut). And we all know I like vegetables. So it works.

Anyway, Sprout is measuring right on for 27-28 weeks, which is about where I think I am. Their estimates are that he currently weights 2lbs 7oz, though I don’t put much stock into weights and measures from ultrasounds, even the ultrasound tech said they are pretty inaccurate. The perinatologist said he looks good and healthy and sees no other reason for me to have another ultrasound unless my OB decides otherwise.



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5 responses to “Some creepy 3D ultrasound pictures…

  1. Wow normally I don’t think the 3D ultrasounds provide any insight to what the babies will look like, but I must say, Sprout does look like Bean! Especially comparing those ultrasounds to the pictures you have in your sidebar. How exciting!!

  2. Della Wuertz

    Lisa, your little sprout is in color, and coming along just

    fine! I hope that you are feeling better, and glad that

    you’re not as sick as your last pregnancy. Thanks for

    sharing your Sprout on Facebook! I will save his pix!

    Love you,


  3. grandmatiger

    You know I love techie stuff, I think the pics are awesome! Went with your sis for hers, was holding back tears seeing that lil guy in 3d. Not creepy, coolly neat-o !!!

    And very complimented that you gave me cred for the nickname.

    Love you!

    Grandma in triplicate now!

  4. I like Sprout. And the baby’s cute, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Sprout is very cute, name and picture! ๐Ÿ™‚

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