Everyone needs a knitted friend

Once a upon a time a crafty mommy made her unborn baby girl a knitted friend…

At 15 weeks the baby girl decided that she loved the knitted friend and the two were not found far from eachother for many weeks to come…

At sixteen weeks…

At nineteen weeks…

At twenty-six weeks…

But then the knitted friend became decidedly uninteresting compared to toys with sounds, lights, rattles and moving parts. The knitted friend was often found at the bottom of the toy box and not played with for days and weeks on end.

The mommy became hopeful when she read in a child development book that around 12-18 months children take a renewed interest in dolls.

So then one day, just after her daughter’s first birthday, the mommy was overjoyed when the knitted friend was rescued from the bottom of the toy box and again became a constant companion. Her daughter carried the knitted friend with her to every activity, insisted on having her in her arms for diaper changes and even at nap and bedtime.

Today, at 56 weeks:

The end.


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14 responses to “Everyone needs a knitted friend

  1. Leslie

    Ah, there’s hope! I’m so happy for her dolly 🙂 I have been making crocheted animals for my nieces and hope they love them too!

  2. That’s the best!!! I nearly cried when William started asking for his Archie doll at bedtime — it was like a dream come true. 🙂

  3. Kourtni

    Soooooooo cute!!!

  4. Ruth

    So cute!!!! I love it. 🙂

  5. what a sweet love story. i think you’re a good mommy

  6. Tiffany

    I love it!

  7. Charlotte

    So sweet! I remember you making that for her and have lofty goals of making one for Libby before March. We’ll see…

  8. I bet you are so glad you made that little friend- how rewarding!

  9. Oh, that is SO sweet!!

  10. aw, too cute!!! How lovely that she’s attached herself to something her sweet mama made for her. That is doubly special.

  11. I am so glad she loves her special made-with-love doll! You’ll have to make her more. 🙂

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