An engineer in the making

Stephen and I often joke that he should have been the comm major and I should have been the engineer. As a kid I was obsessed with K’Nex, Leggos, these castle blocks my mom found somewhere, Lincoln Logs and other similar toys. I remember playing with these well into junior high and even pulling them out a few times in high school. Stephen says he was never really into stuff like that.

I bought Bean this big LittlePeople school bus that came with some giant Leggo-like blocks. Lately it has been her favorite toy. The last couple of days she also has gotten a kick out of climbing in the school bus/wagon too, but we have to make sure she’s not in a crazy, bouncing-off-the-walls mood or she’ll bounce and tip right out of it.

This is the first picture I’ve seen of her where I actually think she looks like Stephen and not me for a change.


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3 responses to “An engineer in the making

  1. oh you’re right!! She looks SO much like Stephen in that last one!! How cute.

  2. grandmatiger

    Oh yes, those castle blocks – I actually bought them for MYSELF way back in High School at a little specialty toy shop in Pasadena – they were perfect for to-scale dioramas with my lead RPG figurines. Yep, Mom was a huge NERD. Also, at one point my school had us all take a standardized test called the ASVAB – given by the ROTC recruiter. He looked at my scores, and said (I quote – bear in mind this was 1977) “Gee, too bad you’re a girl, they’d love to have scores like this in the Army Corps of Engineers, you’d go far.”

    So you and Bean get your “mechanical aptitude” quite honestly from heredity.

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