Attempts at maternity Fall fashion…

In two weeks our amazingly talented friend, John Stephens, is going to shoot our family and just me for some maternity/family photos.

And now I’m agonizing over what to wear.

I kind of want to get this sweater from Old Navy, just for the shoot (well, I’d wear it the rest of the winter too, but mainly just for the shoot):

I’d either pair it with some jeans and boots or a skirt, tights and boots and I’d wear a long sleeved tee underneath (not sure which one yet).

My frugal side, the side that doesn’t want to spend nearly half my monthly personal budget on a maternity sweater that I’ll only get a couple months use out of, says to just make do with what I have. So this is what I have… (I cut my head off in most of the pictures because my hair is insane… which, by the way, the stuff I bought at Sephora does nothing for me… and I’m really not good at making cute little faces when I’m taking my own picture like Emery)

Option #1

Eggplant ruffleneck short sleeved sweater from GAP Maternity, AE straight leg jeans (still burnt that they discontinued these ones), brown leather Aldo boots.

Option #2

JCrew ribbed tan sweater that I’ve had for several years, brown satin belt, GAP Maternity flowery pleated neck sheer shirt, same jeans and boots. Another option for this one is some boot cut maternity jeans and pointy flats that are the exact pink of the flowers.

Option #3

Heathered green pullover that I knit myself, same jeans and boots.

Option #4

Heathered purple sweater tunic, brown thermal (though after seeing this photo I think it looks better with this grey turtleneck I have), same jeans and boots.

Option #5

Brown thermal, green Motherhood Maternity top, same jeans and I think I had some bronze flats on with these (see picture below).

Option #6

Striped brown thermal, burnt orange gathered sleeve tee (coloring is a little off in this photo, it is much darker and less red looking), AE jeans, bronze flats.

Option #7

Orange/green/brown plaid Target top, brown cords, bronze flats.

Option #8

Grey ruffly Target sweater, green tank top, maroon Banana Republic silk slip dress, grey chevron tights, brown leather Aldo boots.

So, what do you think? Buy the sweater or make do with what I have?


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13 responses to “Attempts at maternity Fall fashion…

  1. Don’t spend the money. The sweater is pretty, but the color will potentially wash you out in the photo anyway- go for color, I think you’ll like the color in the photos much more. I personally like #2 and #6 best, nice colors- cute outfits, though I do like the idea of the dark bootcuts with flats for outfit 2 🙂

  2. Make do with what you have! I vote for option #7

  3. I like option 2 best! With the boots. 🙂

  4. LOVE the sweater from Old Navy. Wish I was prego just so I could get it! 🙂 Love option #6! SO fun and cute!

  5. Barbie

    Ohhh..this is fun! We just took family pictures/ maternity pictures for our Christmas cards today. I went with coordinating bright colors and I’m happy I went bright. I actually paid a lady $7 at a craft fair to crochet Aubrey a scarf to coordinate…it was the perfect accent! Just an idea for bean, since you are knitter extrordinaire. Okay my 2 cents. First of all, you look great! Love all the cute outfits and those boots…so cute! Okay, now onto my take on the outfits… I like the purple sweater, but not with the brown undershirt…maybe I’d like the grey better. I really like the burnt orange because it pops, but I’m not in love with the stripes underneath. Maybe the brown? And you could knit Bean an orange scarf or beenie? The last outfit is super cute, but I always feel like dresses can be funny in pictures from certain angles. So I say purple or orange, but they’re all cute.

  6. Paula

    well in my opinion, photography needs to last and have a timeless piece to it. so if you do basic and solid colors years from now you wont be thinking, “wow why did i wear that?” wear something classic. and not too fallish so you won’t want to take them down from the wall a few springs from now.

    that said, i think you should buy the sweater! it’s perfect for these reasons and you’ll feel that much more confident in yourself because its new. new clothes sometimes feel like new skin. moms always give up things in light of being frugal. be un-frugal for this!

  7. Well I kind of think you should buy the sweater because it’s adorable and new clothes are just so fun!
    But I also really love option #8. I’m a sucker for dresses and tights with boots!
    Just gotta say you have fantastic clothes and you are super cute pregnant!

  8. Ruth

    What about that dress you were wearing the night we came over for the pumpkin soup? I thought that one was cute.

  9. lwuertz

    I can’t remember which one that was. Hmmm….

  10. ok, well, obviously, I missed out on the “voting” (I’m SUCH a bad commenter lately, ugh), but I would like to say this:

    You have such stylin’ taste and all these outfits are lovely. Also, you are absolutely 100% completely adorable. The end. 🙂

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