It’s all in the details.

I’ve decided to take a new approach to this whole photo shoot wardrobe business. The new approach is based on the fact that Bean has one fallish outfit that both Stephen and I have items in our closet that coordinate with. I also decided that a pallet based on oranges and browns would be appropriate for some fall photos.

I think more than the varying votes, I found some of the other commentary to be useful in coming up with what we’ll be wearing. Stuff about bright colors popping in the photos, little details, whether or not I’ll want “fall” themed photos in my home year round (the answer is YES, I love fall), etc. Anyway, I decided to base what we’re going to wear around this outfit of Bean’s:

I know it is kind of cheesey in that it screams fall, but I just really love that little shirt on her!

So I’ve decided to go ahead and get the Old Navy sweater. I have a long sleeved orange-ish (different shade) tee that I’ll wear underneath and I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear some jeans (albeit some different, real deal maternity ones because those AE ones were comfortable for all of an hour) and my boots. Stephen has a couple of different shirt options with jeans, maybe one of his favorite jackets and some brown shoes.

I loved Barbie’s suggestion of something knitted for Bean as well and decided that she needed a fun beanie to go with that outfit (and cover up her bald little head). I already had the yarn on hand too so no more unexpected purchases for the photo shoot were necessary. The whole thing only took me a few hours to figure out and I just love it!

Pattern: My own. And I actually wrote it down (follows)!
Yarn: Less than one skeins Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds in Earthy Brown and Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Persimmon Heather
Needles: 7mm bamboo DPNs
Size: Made to fit my 13 month old daughter’s head which is in the 50th percentile for her age.
Made for: Bean
Modifications: None
Started: October 30, 2009
Completed: October 30, 2009

And what is a cute beanie without a cute model to fill it out?

So for those of you interested in making your own version of this beanie, here are the instructions:

Using 7mm DPNs and chunky yarn, cast on 45 sts (15 on each needle) and join for working in the round being careful not to twist.

Starting with a purl round, work 10 rounds garter stitch (in the round this means one purl round then one knit round). Next work 12 rounds stocking stitch (knit every row).

Row 22: [K3, K2tog] to end.
Rows 23 & 24: St st
Row 25: [K2, K2tog] to end.
Rows 26 & 27: St st
Row 28: [K1, K2tog] to end.
Rows 28 & 29: St st
Row 30: [K2tog] to end

Break yarn leaving a longish tail. Thread tail through remaining loops and pull tight. Weave in ends.

The flower is not my own. I used this pattern from Lion Brand, but only did it in one color. After it was completed, I fastened it on with a button in the center and then tacked it down in a few other places so that it wouldn’t be flapping all over the place.


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11 responses to “It’s all in the details.

  1. oh I LOVE the button in the middle of the flower! so adorable!

  2. Kirstin

    Lisa she looks so cute in her beanie and shirt! I love those pictures! Great job on the beanie–it is so cute! It makes me want to motivate myself to learn how to knit 🙂

  3. Ruth

    It’s adorable!! I love it!

  4. Oh my! I LOVE it too!!!

  5. Barbie

    So perfect! I love the whole decision, but especially the beanie! You really are sooo talented! I love fall colors too and think there’s something so warm and homey about fall pictures, so I’m sure you’ll love them year round. Can’t wait to see them.

  6. grandmatiger

    Adorable and practical, gotta keep that lil’ Bean’s “bean” warm for fall! And who says brown and orange are just “fall” colors? Think about warm fresh earth, just turned in spring for a garden, bright orange flowers peeking out in the summer…Robin “red” breast birds who are really more of a brown and orange color….The warm orange glow of a summer sunset….

  7. Paula

    LISA! it’s perrrrfect!! you will be the cutest little fall family ever!

  8. Paula

    ps. you should sell baby beanies on etsy. and your little bean is the perfect model for them!

  9. That is the cutest hat! You’ve got talent!

  10. Alisha

    I love love love the beanie! So adorable! I love fall too, and would not hesitate to have fall pictures up all year round in my house! Can’t wait to see your pictures!

  11. ohmygoodness I’m dying over that beanie!! (and how cute YOUR bean looks in it!!) I’m beyond excited to see your fall family pictures. They are going to be so lovely.

    by the way, I would seriously pay you to make one of those for Rosalie. Really. I want one. 🙂 Of course, you might not have the time… but seriously, that is the cutest hat ever!!

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