Knitted Friend 2.0

Saturday, Nov. 14 4:30pm as we are loading the van back up to head home from Bakersfield…
Me: Where is the doll? I can’t find it anywhere.
Stephen: I don’t know. Maybe it got put in this white bag.
Me: I looked there already three times.
Stephen: Maybe it is in the back with the stroller. Or she threw it on the floor.

A frantic search (Well, I was the only frantic one, to be honest) of the van from top to bottom ensues. I also called my sister to see if the doll had been dropped when we were with her.
Me: I can’t believe the doll got lost.
Stephen: I’m sorry. It’s just really hard. I had a lot to keep track of today with her, the diapers, the snacks, and the doll. She probably threw it down when we were around town or it fell out of the van when I opened the door and I just didn’t see it. The sippy cups and stuff are a lot easier to tell when she drops because you can hear it. It was just a lot to keep track of.
Me: I know. I do this every day.
Stephen: Well it’s just a doll. She’s going to lose stuff. This won’t be the last time.

I am quiet and sulking for the next hour.

5:30pm, near Santa Clarita
Stephen: I think you are more upset than she is. She probably hasn’t even noticed. You really need to put this in perspective. We have a healthy, happy daughter. That’s what really matters.
Me: I’m allowed to be upset about the doll. It was a special doll. I made the doll. She loved the doll. She’s been carrying it around with her everywhere for a month. She sleeps with it every night. That stuff made it all that more special to me. I’m allowed to be a little upset.
Stephen: OK, well just don’t let that overshadow what’s important.

6:30pm, Moorpark Marketplace Baja Fresh
Me: I want to go to that Michael’s.
Stephen: You don’t have to say it with the look.
Me: What look?
Stephen: The, don’t-give-me-a-hard-time-about-the-budget-we-are-going-into-that-Michael’s-to-buy-yarn-for-a-new-doll-you-uncaring-doll-destroyer, look.
Me: There wasn’t a look. I don’t know what you are talking about. I just want to see if they still have the yarn I used on the doll. And besides it’s right here.
Stephen: OK, well whatever. There was a look. And it is fine. We can go into the Michael’s.

Nov. 16 at 2:30pm Bean and her friend are reunited.

Michael’s still had most of the yarns I used. I cast on for the doll when we got home that night and finished the final touches during Bean’s nap today. This doll isn’t quiet the same, but Bean didn’t seem to notice. She was just happy to see her friend again.


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5 responses to “Knitted Friend 2.0

  1. grandmatiger

    Bit of advice here – make 2 or 3 more just like this one. Keep them put aside, so that when the next crisis occurs, you can just pull out Dolly’s twin; you could vary the color scheme and just tell her that “Dolly got a new dress, see?” Right now she may not notice, but the “lovey” phase lasts well into the early school years. I still remember mine – it was an orange stuffed horse, probably meant to look like Roy Roger’s horse Trigger (Palomino).

    Wish I had had the sense to collect/make a few “backup loveys” when you all were little and saved myself hours of hunting for the lost while trying to console a desperate child. Yes it is sad the original got lost, and I know you had a lot invested in it emotionally, but these things happen. Bears get their noses eaten off by the dog, neighbor boys throw your sister’s favorite pal up on a roof, beloved toys get lost or disintegrate in the washer. Save everyone some misery and plan for the inevitable.

  2. grandmatiger

    Actually, you may want to rotate them, so they all get equal wear and tear- and love; as she gets older she WILL start to notice little differences. If she accepts them all equally, then you will be better off than trying to convince her that a brand-new looking one is the same as the tattered one with the distinctive stains and scars.

  3. Paula

    awwwwwwwwwwww this is the BEST post. you are a genius and i loved your conversation mock-up.

  4. Oh I hate when things get lost or misplaced! I’m so sorry the doll got lost but I am glad you were able to make a new one rather quickly. Bean is so cute and looks so happy with her doll!

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