The allergy journey begins.

Friday morning I got a message from our pediatrician that she had received Bean’s food allergy test results from a blood test we did earlier in the week.

My suspicions were correct, Bean was allergic to eggs. On a six class scale, the pediatrician said Bean’s allergy level was a class three which is high. So that means no more flu shots and no MMR since both of those vaccinations use eggs in the manufacturing process. I’m really glad I spoke up about my suspicion at our last appointment since Bean was scheduled to receive both the booster for the flu shot and the MMR. I thought the first reaction was bad, I can only imagine what a double exposure would have done to her.

What I was not prepared for however, was hearing that Bean is also allergic to wheat and dairy.

The test specifically tested for wheat allergy and didn’t test for gluten sensitivity. So technically I could give her any number of other grains. However, there is a family history of gluten allergies/intolerance in my family so I decided I would pull her off gluten.

The dairy results showed that she was allergic to the casein protein specifically. This means she is allergic to all milk from mammals (even human).

I was completely shocked about it. I think because of the casein allergy in particular. It makes me wonder how long she’s had this allergy. How long I’ve essentially been poisoning her. And even questioning the merits of breastfeeding.

She showed no signs of the other allergies. Wheat and dairy made up some of her favorite foods.

I’m also still worried about her diet in general and her weight gain. Dairy products probably made up a majority of her fat and protein intake. For milk I am doing a blend of soy, hemp, rice and coconut. Bean hasn’t seemed to notice.

I found an egg replacer for baking. She wasn’t really getting much egg anyway since I began to suspect the allergy.

There are also tons of gluten free products, especially since so many people seem to be going gluten-free these days.

So now, just like with my three year nut allergy I’m back to closely scanning ingredient labels. It definitely makes life more complicated and expensive.


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8 responses to “The allergy journey begins.

  1. Oh geez, I understand the egg allergy, because my daughter was diagnosed with it, too. I had no idea how much stuff had soy and wheat until I had to read labels. I know eliminating eggs was difficult for me, but you have much more to worry about than I do! She’s also allergic to peanuts, which isn’t as much of a big deal. Which egg substitute are you using? Does it work with baking cakes and such? The one I found didn’t work right in cakes and with a birthday coming up, I wanted to be able to do some sort of cake! Good luck to you and Bean!

  2. grandmatiger

    Odds are, the allergy developed after you switched her to cow milk. It was probably the slight difference between the two that triggered her immune system. You would have had a lot more fussiness and general digestion issues if she’d been allergic to your milk all along. I saw something recently about there being a general rise in food allergies among children in recent years.

    Of course, the family history doesn’t help, we seem to be a rather food-intolerant lot all around.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Bean’s allergies. That is tough!

  4. lwuertz

    In place of eggs there are a number of things you can use including flax, corn starch, and bananas. Bob’s Red Mill and a company called EnerG also sell egg replacement mixes, but the Bob’s Red Mill one has gluten in it. Today I made some muffins with a bananas as my replacer and they turned out great. Hope that helps. 🙂

  5. I have no experience with food allergies so I can’t offer any advice but I wanted to say I am so sorry to hear about Bean. I hope you figure things out!

  6. grandmatiger

    Our little Bean is lucky to have a Mommy who knows her so well, that knew something just wasn’t right about the vaccine reaction, and followed up on it. She’s also lucky in that, because you caught it early, she won’t know – and therefore won’t miss – the flavors of the foods she can’t have. Finding out as an adult that wheat was bad for me, I can tell you that it is a constant search/struggle, looking for the “right” combo of flours and ingredients that will taste “like” what I grew up on. If she really is gluten intolerant, that won’t go away, it’s a different mechanism than an allergy, more of an autoimmune thing.

  7. grandmatiger

    You may find that she starts doing better, gaining weight etc. because one of the effects of gluten issues is malabsorption of nutrients – especially the important ones like Vitamin D and Iron. She may well have been getting plenty of these nutrients, her body just wasn’t able to absorb them due to the wheat. That will tell you if it’s a full-on Gluten problem.

  8. Just got a call from the allergist we took Swee’Pea too… and he is positive for a ton of environmental elements, but also high for wheat, eggs, and dairy. Going back through your blogs to see some of what you have gone through with Bean. Do you have any suggestions on books or cook books I should check out to help me out with this? I feel so overwhelmed and on the verge of breaking down. I have to go grocery shopping today, and with this news I feel totally flabbergasted as to what to even purchase!


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