Status updates are easier.

This is going to be a pathetic excuse for a post, but the content around here is seriously lacking and I’m sort of afaid that some of you are going to give up hope on me. I know that eventually I’ll get around to feeling like a long thorough post again, but that time isn’t now. Sometimes it’s just easier to say things in a couple sentences, rather than a big long post. So for those of you that aren’t my friend on Facebook or think that Facebook is way too connected and scary or too time consuming or the tons of other reasons people have for not being on there, here is my life in a week’s worth of status updates.

I know it’s still November, but I just busted out the Sufjan Christmas album. Had to. It’s the best.

Just managed to felt all my Christmas knitting projects. I suck.

Actually kind of excited to be able to wear warm clothes in Bakersfield today. Not looking forward to another week long detox from all the pollutants and allergens though.

1cm 50%eff. Had like six contractions today. Bath seems to have calmed things down for the night. I hope.

Trying to be realistic about the handmade challenge in light of everything.

Commercially available money management programs are not good enough. My husband wrote his own application last night. The joys of being married to a computer whiz…

New carseat and coffee maker arrived today. Yay for packages!

Hoping these gluten, dairy, and egg free cranberry orange muffins turn out good. If so, blog post with recipe will possibly follow.

Muffins were a success. Mmm….

pressure pressure pressure

At lunch today my sister got Bean to eat half a baked potato stuffed with vegan cheese, chicken and broccoli. Tonight at dinner she wants nothing to do with it. Then when I leave the table she’s all about it. So I’m starting to think the eating issues are directly related to me.

Knit doggie for my other niece

Tonight I am glad that I no longer work in downtown Bakersfield and did not have to battle the parade craziness on my way home from work. Instead I laid on the couch and knit all night while we watched A Christmas Story.

Sis took Bean outside to play on the playground. I feel bad that she’s been cooped up in the house all week.

After this week I am so over being pregnant and I’m starting to go a little stir crazy.

An overcast day in December? What?

Bean actually ate pasta (Gluten free quinoa pasta that is) tonight! I think the picky food issues are slowly getting better.

“This time of year weird people get weirder, sad people get sadder and messy families get messier. It’s a weird time of year.”

Food victories with Bean today: for lunch she ate all the rest of her leftover pasta from last night, for a snack she had two GFCF chicken nuggets, and for dinner she ate half a kid sized GFCF pizza. I know this is all somewhat junk food type stuff, but this is a huge improvement over her strict diet of yogurt, cereal and fruit.

Dear Sid Meyer, I want my husband back.



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5 responses to “Status updates are easier.

  1. Barbie

    I like how you copied and pasted those…it’s such a good synopsis of your week. I’ll be easy to look back on now that it’s documented on your blog. Love the quote about this season…it is true that it seems everything is taken to a new level this season…the crazies, the joyful, the lonely. Interesting how that happens.

  2. Even though you wrote it in two-sentence spurts, that’s a heck of a lot more blogging than I have been capable of lately! And the presents you made for the girls are sooo cute!!!! They are going to love them!! They are so excited about Christmas this year, they ask me about it multiple times a day. 🙂 So fun!

  3. Paula

    lisa – when you get some more time on our hands like in 6 months, can you knit me a cute stuffed animal? becca (my friend from oregon, the cute blonde at the wedding) and her husband are adopting a baby from ethiopia! they won’t be actually getting the baby for another year + so you have plenty of time, but it’s the perfect prize to celebrate!

  4. grandmatiger

    “This time of year weird people get weirder, sad people get sadder and messy families get messier. It’s a weird time of year.”

    Ahh yes, so true. Especially as I seem to fall into all three of the above categories. As those of you in the family know, this time of year has a lot of mixed emotions for me, so bear with.

    I think this was a great update post! Little “sound bites” of life in the wonderful world of YOU all.


  5. I don’t think this post was pathetic! I think everyone in the world is busy right now and this was a perfect way to recap what’s going on in your life! I love all of your knitting projects you’ve done. I hope Bean’s eating habits get better and better. Sometimes kids know when you’re stressed out about what they’re eating (or not eating) and they like the control they have. It’s so weird how they do that. They are babies and yet they already know how to push your buttons! Just keep doing what you’re doing. A lot of toddlers get really picky at this age.

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