Haiti, what you can do.

I was struck by a comment from one of my friends yesterday about how it takes a huge earthquake, or any disaster for that matter, to get people in the US to wake up and care about people in worse situations than their own.

In many ways this is very true, but I think that sometimes that sort of thinking can make us feel trapped and do nothing as well. Anyway, I know a lot of people are wondering how they can help and what they can do. I actually personally know some people that prior to the earthquake have long had a heart for Haiti. They’ve been sharing links over the past couple days to organizations and people that are already in the area.

So I thought I’d pass along the information to you as well.

First up, there’s some family. Stephen’s cousin Jon and his wife Morgan have been to Haiti twice to do missions work there. Morgan wrote a great post yesterday about what is going on and ways you can help.

Morgan also shared links for the blog of a family she knows that are full time missionaries based there (there is video footage and current updates about the situation), as well as for the Baptist Haiti Mission, where their ministry is based which she says following the quake likely has the number one hospital in the area.

Next up is a friend. I met Dominique and her husband through a homeschool group I was involved in back in Bakersfield. When we moved, Dominique found homes for our two puppies with a couple of her family members. Her family really has a heart for Haiti. I don’t know all the specifics of their involvement there. I do know that they are involved with Heartline Ministries which has several programs including one for women and an orphanage that serves as one of the top adoption facilities in Haiti. The women’s program offers prenatal care, child development classes, literacy classes and they also have a sewing program where they basically give the women this skill that helps them to become self sufficient. The women in the sewing program make some fun and funky purses that you can buy at Haitian Creations.

Of course there are all the regular, big international organizations, but I just wanted to share some of the smaller groups that are already established and doing good work there. I hope you can help in some way, even if it is just through prayer.


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  1. Thanks for posting this Lisa! Things are starting to get worse and I’m so thankful for people getting news out there and helping spread what info we have. Thank you!

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