Sprout is here!

Hopefully I’m not too long winded here because everything happened so, so fast!

Here goes. I was feeling a bit down last night. Texted my midwife and was telling her I was having a hard time with all the “what-ifs” because of the past few days. What ifs like, “What if I don’t have my baby by the end of the week?” or “What if something is wrong and that’s why I’m not going into labor?” That was about 9:18pm.

We watched a couple episodes of The West Wing (on DVD) and went to bed.

At 1:40am I woke up to pee. I got to the bathroom and felt a gush before I had a chance. I was kind of confused because with Bean I felt a big bubble and then felt it pop and then felt the gush. This felt more like the fluid had just been sitting in there for awhile and came out.

So I told Stephen that I thought that maybe my water broke, but I wasn’t sure. I told him to call our midwife. He kind of ho-hummed about it. I still wasn’t having contractions.

Got back in bed and another gush. Ran back to the bathroom. Another gush. Yep water definitely broke.

Stephen still hadn’t called our midwife. I was kind of annoyed. I nagged, he called at 1:45am.

By about 2am I was definitely having contractions.

We started timing them.

Called the midwife again. I told Stephen to make up the bed (for a homebirth you make up the bed with two sets of sheets with a giant plastic sheet in between… you get the first set all yucky and then when you pull those and the plastic off you have a nice ready to go made bed).

I decided I wanted to take a bath. Yesterday in the shower I forgot to shampoo my hair and thought I might try to wash my hair too while things were still light. Except then I’d have a contraction and decide I didn’t want to afterall. I stayed in the tub until about 4am. This time the water actually did help me manage the pain for most of my labor a lot better. The key was a folded up towel on the bottom of the tub so that it wasn’t so hard to sit on.

Then I started to feel like I really did not want to be in the tub. I just had a feeling things were about to change and that I wanted out.

Made it to our bed. Contractions got much more intense. I didn’t scream much like last time, but I did have some issues with breathing. I started to hyperventilate a little at some point and felt all tingly all over. Stephen had to really coach me to breathe and I still wasn’t doing that great of a job. I’m pretty sure this was transition.

I know my brother-in-law came at some point during that and picked up our daughter. Stephen wanted to go talk to him, but I needed him so he didn’t. Eric managed to find the keys to our van and everything Bean needed on his own and get out without me basically even knowing he was there. Awesome.

Right around 5am I started feeling the need to push. Did two contractions on my side laying down like this. Then I told Stephen I needed to push. He said I didn’t, but I knew I did. After the first few pushes our midwife arrived. Pushing seemed to take forever this time, but really it was less than an hour. I guess Sprout was slightly transverse at first, but then he turned posterior. He was also much bigger than Bean. The sliding back part after you’ve pushed during a contraction is still the part I hate the most, it is so uncomfortable.

Stephen says he’ll likely not forget the point when Sprout was crowning and I yelled, “Burn! Burn! Burn!” instead of my usual grunt. He said I sounded like a Puritan which hunter. Someone’s been reading a little too much colonial history lately, I think.

Anyway, at 5:49am he was out and up on my chest. For all the worry about being post-due Sprout was born completely covered in that lovely white cottage cheesey vernix stuff. At 41+4 Bean only had a couple of very small chunks. So my midwife is fairly certain he was born right on time.

So here’s a testiment to my husband’s improved Bradley Method coaching skills. Sprout weighed in this morning at a whopping 8lbs 14oz (Bean was 7lbs 4oz), but I managed to only get one tiny little tear and that was because Sprout came out with his hand up by his cheek. Stephen helped me breath correctly and mostly stay calm through almost every single contraction. I couldn’t have done this well without him.

And because pictures make the story here are the first few we have:


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25 responses to “Sprout is here!

  1. lovelearnandlive

    Great story Lisa!!! I’m so glad this ended up being the birth that you wanted! I had breathing issues during transition too, I felt like I couldn’t get a big enough breath in until I had an oxygen mask on. Glad that Stephen was so helpful coaching you through all of that. Great job to both of you!!!!!!!

  2. Ooo! Your story is so great — I got the chills! It makes me so excited. 😀

    I’m so happy everything went so perfectly and quickly. It’s so cool that you really did everything, just the two of you. How amazing that you were already pushing when the midwife got there! Perfect timing. 🙂 All that work that your body did all month really paid off in the end.

    I’m glad that Stephen was such a good coach and was able to help you so much. I’ll have to have him talk to John before our next baby. 😉

    And what a beautiful, perfect little guy!

  3. Congratulations!! He’s beautiful!

  4. Aw, congratulations! he’s a complete doll!

  5. Wow Lisa congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

  6. Amazing! Congrats!!!

  7. GrandmaTiger

    Whoooo-hooo! GREAT narrative, I am amazed you are so coherent about it all. Guess Sprout is gonna take after Papa’s side of the family? Love you, can’t wait to come see in person.

  8. Congrats to you! It sounds like you did great and I’m glad everything worked out the way you hoped! He’s just adorable!

  9. crystal

    Congratulations! Sprout is adorable and I’m glad your birth went well!

  10. he’s just perfect!! congrats!

  11. Alicia Johnson

    Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations to you and your family. He is beautiful! I love his Cheeks… I also love the nicknames you chose Bean & Sprout!! That’s just adorable. I wish you lots of luck!

    ps. Kudos to Stephen for being such a great coach!

  12. How adorable! CONGRATS! What a great birth story also! Wow, and fast!

  13. Sunny

    You are amazing for having Sprout’s birth story up so fast! I am so glad everything went well and that he is here! Congratulations to your whole family. 🙂

  14. Lisa you’re like supermom and I want to be like you when I grow up. You have a baby one day and have the story up the next…I don’t know how you do it!! But Sprout is BEAUTIFUL and I know he’s going to be such a joy. Congrats again love!

  15. Liz

    Congratulations! What a wonderful birth story!

  16. That “Burn! Burn! Burn!” part. = ) Lisa, you did INCREDIBLE. I hope you’re super proud of yourself- what stories of trust and surrender you have!

  17. So proud of you Lisa, and very excited you had a wonderful home birth. Hope you guys are having a blast being a family of, gasp, four!

  18. Ok you made me cry. And for some crazy reason this makes me wan to give birth again! I am so proud of you Lisa, you did it and he is here and safe and loved =) And where did you get his onsie??? I want it!!!

  19. GrandmaTiger

    So I wonder how many women who are not as strong and determined as you have been talked into inducing based on the ultrasound and LMP? How many perfect little babies were forced out a week or two early? A guy I work with, just had a baby girl – she was “due” Dec 28 just like your original date; they induced her the first week in Jan and things didn’t go well, baby’s heart started showing distress, so they went to c-section. Everybody is OK but I just wonder if it was all over-medicalized…

  20. lwuertz

    I think it is highly likely. From what I’ve read the better way to deal with it is to just monitor the mom with NSTs and ultrasounds to make sure the placenta isn’t deteriorating and no other problems are happening. But because of liability they don’t really like to do that, plus they like to have control. So stuff like “low amniotic fluid” which can be resolved simply by the mom getting enough hydration, causes them to freak out and induce or give a c-section. Anyway, after seeing how much vernix there was, I really think Jan. 7 was a lot closer to my due date than anything. He had way, way more than Bean. I think if I had been induced like the OB suggested, there is a good chance things could have gone that way. I’m so glad I decided to trust my body and wait it out. It was a much better experience.

  21. This is such an amazing story, Lisa!! All I could think was how great you and Stephen did as a team, and how wonderful it is that you hung in there, listened to your body and pulled off another home birth. God is good!!

    and your little Ethan is absolutely heart-melting. Sigh. I can’t wait to meet him!! 🙂

  22. Sarah Blake

    Stephen and Lisa!! AWESOME!! Congrats on the big healthy boy 🙂 Welcome to the world of dirt, boogers, farts, and eating bugs!
    Your birth story is SO awesome… It warms my womb 🙂

    Enjoy being parents of two, one child for each parent. You are not outnumbered yet, haha!

    Loves from your Mammoth fam,
    The Blakes

  23. lovelearnandlive

    Lisa, I have to add that I can’t believe that you were up for being out and about the next day after giving birth. I am in awe. You truly are a superwoman. 😀

    I am looking forward to “The Adventures of Bean and Sprout.” 🙂

  24. lwuertz

    Well, I really do feel so much better than I did while I was pregnant (both times) or after I had Bean. I remember with Bean I was still exhausted, sore, etc. when you guys came up the following weekend. I felt like I had been hit by a truck after she was born. Things just seem to be so much easier this time around for whatever reason.

  25. lwuertz

    I’m not sure where the onesie came from. It’s a Carter’s brand one so Target maybe?

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