So not AP.

While I’m at it with the being honest business, here’s a few more things I’d like to confess:

-After the initial first week of cute cuddly baby wears off, I pretty much hate cosleeping. Why? Well, it gets hot for one thing, every single noise (and this kid is a particularly loud one, he grunts pretty much non-stop all the time) keeps me awake, they can’t resist the all-you-can-eat buffet 2 inches from their face, the babe’s head starts to smell like armpit, and my sleeping positions are limited. Thankfully, Sprout has done just fine in the pack-n-play at the foot of our bed the last two nights. I hope this is a continuing trend.

-I think the Back to Sleep campaign is total bunk. Even though it’s a Wiki article, I felt more justified in thinking as such after reading this: and no longer feel worried or guilty for putting the kid down on his stomach. Sleep wins.

-As big as I am on breastfeeding, I actually hate to do so in public even though I have a nursing apron and have never encountered conflict over such things. It stresses me out. I feel like everyone is looking at me. I worry that I am going to flash somebody because the kid will throw off the apron or pull up my shirt or because I have a hard time getting them latched on quickly and discretely. I know such things are somewhat ridiculous thoughts and worries to have. I know that this is natural. I know people should be more supporting of breastfeeding moms and that doing it in public encourages others and increases awareness, etc. But I have these thoughts and worries even still.


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4 responses to “So not AP.

  1. I don’t like co-sleeping either. Except for when they get older and will crawl in bed in the morning and are all warm and snuggly and actually go back to sleep. THAT part I like. The baby noises and squirms, etc. don’t work for me. 🙂

  2. GrandmaTiger

    All the kids of my generation were placed on their tummies, the thought being that if we had to spit up we wouldn’t drown in our own ick. By the time my own came along, tummy sleeping was going out but the full-on “back-to-sleep” campaign hadn’t hit yet; two would sleep on their tummy, two hated it and as soon as they were able to roll over on their own became back/side sleepers. Guess what? They all survived. I think there is a lot more to SIDS than just position and whether or not the bed is too fluffy/soft. Just because the Drs. can’t FIND an underlying cause doesn’t mean there isn’t one, they just haven’t figured it out yet.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with not co sleeping! I am so enjoying a break from it now that Michaela is night weaned and in her own room! Oh it is soo nice!

  4. If you hate co-sleeping, don’t do it! He’ll be totally fine in his pack and play. Do what works for you. My babies didn’t sleep on their back! They wouldn’t sleep, they’d jerk and startle and wake up after just a few minutes of sleeping. I couldn’t handle that so they slept on their tummies and slept so much better for longer periods of time. I heard (or read, can’t remember) that putting your baby on his stomach was like not putting your kid in a carseat when you’re driving. UM, HELLO, I don’t think so! I checked on them all the time while they napped and they slept in my room. I think the campaign is bunk too. Oh, and I hated nursing in public. I hardly ever did it even though I exclusively nursed. I’m totally pro breastfeeding but I was personally uncomfortable with nursing in public myself. I couldn’t care less if other people do it though! I’m too shy, I guess. I felt like everyone around me was visualizing what was happening under that blanket, lol. I even hated nursing at home when my FIL and grandfather-in-law were around. It just weirded me out, even though no one ever said anything even slightly negative. And then when baby slurps and gulps loudly…. ::red face:: Not my favorite thing!

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