The stuff of life

I’m eating pizza as I type this because the exact contents of my fridge are as follows: apple juice, orange juice, Jillian’s special non-dairy milk concoction, what’s left of a gallon jug of 2% milk, Brita water pitcher, tupperware of frozen Bean and Kale soup (best soup ever, you must try it) that I’m planning on defrosting for dinner tonight, 2 sourdough bread bowls that I picked up at Panera today for tonight’s dinner, a six pack of Coca-Cola. I have not been grocery shopping since the weekend before last and most of our food is still over at the apartment.

Last night when Stephen got home, I declared that getting up a gate to block off the kitchen was a top priority because Bean was driving me nuts emptying out every single drawer and cupboard. She was chewing on the items and dragging them all over the house. Hello extra load of dishes. I also pointed out that it was impossible to for me to do laundry due to the triple sliding door laundry hiding system that does not slide, or look pretty (um, gaudy 80s gold tracks and door frames anyone?) and blocks the door to the dryer.

So we made a trip to Target to get supplies for the laundry area problem.

My husband tends to be a slow decision maker, especially on house stuff, so we were there until 9:30pm while he tried to decide on curtain rods. Luckily, I had already picked out the curtains online before we went or we might still be there. I actually wound up going out to the car and letting him make the final decision because Sprout was hungry.

When we got home we put both kids to bed (following a screaming fit from Sprout that was remedied with Gripe Water, my new BFF). Amazingly, Sprout went a whole 8 hour stretch between feedings. He didn’t wake back up until 5:30 this morning!

Stephen had taken the doors off the laundry/water heater area last night. We were not able to get a gate up or the curtains up before bed so the plan, in order to keep Bean away from the water heater and out of the kitchen today was to spend the morning at the park and library.

Which we did. Then I went to our old apartment (where we still have quite of few items that have not made it over here yet) to get the soup out of the freezer and Panera to get some bread bowls for the soup.

I was acosted in the parking lot by a greasy magazine salesman. I swear I must have “gullable, will listen to any sales pitch” written all over my face. I always get stopped by people like that or by those Dead Sea mud people in the mall. Finally got away from him after his 15 minute routine.

Bean fell asleep on the two minute car ride home. I should have just gone inside our house, grabbed a book or my knitting and hung out in the car to let them sleep. Of course I did not do this. Bean then spent the next three hours not napping before I finally remembered that the pacifier is my other BFF, went in her room, gave it to her, layed her back down and she went back to sleep.

So I’ve had the last hour with both kids asleep and Sprout is going on four hours of being asleep. Yay!

I snapped these pictures this morning before we headed out to the park and library.

Not super great, but not bad either. I think I definitely need to take another look at my photography book because I’ve forgotten all about the settings again and these were the only three of 117 photos I took this morning that were not completely blurry.



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5 responses to “The stuff of life

  1. Paula

    the pictures are sooo cute! i love them both in their little cloth diapers! my favorite line though, which i laughed and read out loud to Matt:

    “I was acosted in the parking lot by a greasy magazine salesman. I swear I must have “gullable, will listen to any sales pitch” written all over my face. I always get stopped by people like that or by those Dead Sea mud people in the mall. Finally got away from him after his 15 minute routine.”

    You are SO freaking funny! And i love you.

  2. Those pictures are completely adorable! Wow and Sprout fits great into the BG! 🙂 So sweet.

    He’s looking all boy and so cute! Bean’s cute too!

  3. lwuertz

    Jessica, so I figured out at some point that the newborn insert is all that is supposed to go in when you have it on the newborn size. With Bean I was basically using it as a doubler with the diaper and main insert down to the smallest size and so the diapers always looked gigantic on her in the beginning. Sprout has been soaking through just one of the newborn inserts though so now I use two. It works and looks great. Plus, he can move his legs and doesn’t look like a stink bug or a beetle. Haha! I also think it has something to do with the fact that he was a bigger baby than her.

  4. lwuertz

    Paula, Yeah Stephen told me that I should have just interrupted him and said no, I’m not interested because he interrupted me from what I was doing in the first place. But he was taking forever to get to the point, it wasn’t until the last two minutes or so that I finally found out that he was selling magazines. But he really was just a slimy salesman type guy. I seriously contemplated taking a shower when I got home. He just kept putting in little cheeseball inuendos the whole time like, “Are you married? What’s your husband’s name, Lucky?” Bleh, he just made me feel so gross and uncomfortable. Ick!

  5. Ah well he does look very cute in it. I am hoping to use my BGOS as covers over some small prefolds at first since I don’t have newborn inserts for mine. I got them as seconds and they don’t come with inserts.

    I found with Michaela they make nice diaper covers as well as pockets.

    It must be nice to be able to use the same diaper on both kids!

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