The following happened in the last four hours…

Wakened by screaming.

Fed boy.

He began choking and gagging. Milk came out his nose.

Spit up all over me. He fell asleep.

I changed shirts.

Changed Bean’s diaper.

Folded laundry.

Made myself some breakfast.

Ate breakfast.

Boy awake and screaming again.

Fed him. More spit up all over me.

Changed our clothes again.

Boy put in bouncy seat.

I shot in manual and actually felt confident doing it because I got a little photography lesson from my friend last night and thought I’d try out what I learned.

“Don’t push on your brother.”

“Be gentle with your brother.”

“You can’t get into the bouncy seat with your brother.”

“You have to be gentle with your brother.”

“Stop touching your brother’s face.”

“Be gentle with your brother.”

“Don’t poke him in they eye.”

“Get out of the bouncy seat.”

“Don’t lean on the seat.”


Brother spits up all over the bouncy seat and is now awake.

Feed him again. He spits up all over himself and me.

I am beginning to wonder how much milk is actually staying in his stomach.

Change outfits again.

Stephen arrives with another apartment load. Feeds Bean some lunch.

Boy needs diaper change. In the middle of the change a poop eruption shoots across the room hitting the toddler bed, two baskets of clean clothes, the floor, and various items on the changing table.

Massive clean up begins during which boy gives me a golden shower.

Poop is cleaned from various surfaces and clothing is put into laundry.

Boy goes into bath. Screaming fit ensues.

Get him clean, dried, diapered and dressed. Feed him again.




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2 responses to “The following happened in the last four hours…

  1. Look at that smile in his sleep. Sweet!

    Sorry about all the spitting up! No fun!

  2. ashley

    Last 6 lines are my favorite…
    poop eruption=laughter eruption.

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