Can you tell he’s smiling? Because he is.

To quote Lorie, “He really does adore his brother. Even if it is a fierce, loveyoutodeath, kind of adoring.”

Yep. That’s what we’ve got going on around here. A whole lot of it.

She loves to hold his hand.

Bean still has the misconception that a kiss means you lean your head in real close and that it has nothing to do with your lips. So when I tell her to give Sprout a kiss, this is what happens:

And yes, after seeing these photos I simultaneously melted from the cuteness and freaked out a bit when I realized how precarious a position Sprout is in with his big sister holding the musical instrument beater stick thing just inches from his head.

Oh and please don’t judge my daughter’s ensemble (Morgan), all I can say is that Stephen dressed her.

Pink goes with pink. Or something like that.



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7 responses to “Love.

  1. Leslie

    Pink does go with pink! My little nephew does the same kissing thing to his little brother…but now the baby fights back and pulls his hair!

  2. that is just so precious!

  3. Jessica

    Perfect and soo sweet! 🙂 Michaela gives some pretty interesting kisses too!

    I hope she does well with her brother or sister!!! She gets super jealous when I hold a baby other than her. We’ll see!

  4. How can I judge that sweetness? Seriously. (It’s Sunday evening… you should see my daughter, lol)

  5. Such cute pictures! My daughter holds her baby sister’s hand, too. I hope when they get older it develops into friendship.
    Oh, that outfit isn’t bad at all. My husband dresses our kids, too. He’s colorblind. Enough said!

  6. oh my goodness, so so precious! i love sibling love, it just melts my heart!

  7. GrandmaTiger

    Wait till she starts dressing herself ! You and your sisters came up with some very -interesting- outfits at around , oh, kindegarten to third grade ages. I’m thrilled you all developed a much better fashion sense than I ever had!

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